Orange, aqua and gold for spring

Does it seem like I”m obsessed with color these days? Well, yeah. It’s winter (warmish here but still, winter) – it’s gray – and color is always a cheerful pick-me-up. Pretty, charming, happy color doesn’t cost any more than gloomy gray.

(Yes I like neutral gray sometimes. Don’t stop me, I’m orating.)

For instance, take these pretty colors:

melon orange glass cabochons paired with aqua glass rhinestone connectors

Pair these aqua glass connectors and melon orange cabochon two-jewel beads. Or use them separately. The point is, pretty color. Doesn’t cost a lot. Always makes you feel better.

It really does 🙂

Golden topaz glass teardrops – sunshine beads :-)

I just love these little pear jewels. They’re a gorgeous, sheer golden topaz, and I recently got a resupply so I’m able to list them again! The color makes me think of sunshine on a soft summer day – which, one of my favorite things 🙂

golden topaz sheer glass teardrops

These would look great used “as is” for earrings – wear them with blue jeans, wear them to work, wear them for your wedding! (Hey, do we always have to be totally traditional?)

Or make a petite pendant. Link them for bracelets. Golden drops of sunshine. Always beautiful 🙂

Spring 2017 Glass Beads and Jewels

Pretty color combinations for Spring 2017 – this is really what it’s all about. Do it yourself – DIY – should be easy, fun, affordable. Your projects should be enjoyable. Your jewelry should look good. It’s simple 🙂

framed glass beads and jewels in pretty colors for Spring 2017

So I’m just showing you a few pretty colors, and a few easy shape combinations. This isn’t rocket science. This is supposed to be fun – and make you look good. Give these earrings and necklaces as gifts. Make some to sell at craft shows. Wear them to the prom.

Easy, pretty, affordable. Life is complicated enough – but DIY jewelry? Is part of the fun stuff 🙂

Aqua framed glass beads and jewels

I put together a few shapes of the vivid aqua glass jewels I have in stock right now – thinking they might prompt an idea or two. Of course any of these jewels is gorgeous used alone, and ‘as is’.

aqua framed glass jewels

They’re also wonderful paired with each other. The rounds and the octagons make fabulous earrings – or an interesting pendant. Or use the octagons in two-ring settings, and make a linked necklace – with the large teardrop as a pendant.

Simple addition of shapes. Gorgeous color. Spring 2017 🙂

Vintage rayon sundress…for Spring 2017

I know, I’m jumping the gun a little here. But it’s gray and cold outside, and I’m thinking about warm weather, and spring, and pretty dresses. Like this one 🙂

vintage green rayon sundress

This is just the kind of dress I love for summer. Or spring, with a cardigan maybe. Toss it on, add some sandals or pretty high heels, maybe some earrings – I know where you can find some great earring jewels 😉

You know what I mean – you’re dressed, you look great, and it was easy. Also inexpensive! I found this darling dress at Sunshine Scene on Etsy. Darlene, the shop owner, has some wonderful summery dresses, and she’s going to be expanding her shop – you definitely want to check it out! And this dress, this lovely vintage dress? Costs $25 plus shipping!

Pretty. Summer. Dresses. Great prices. You know you’re going to love it!

Amethyst and emerald glass beads

I just wanted to share this new combo with you all – we’re still in the middle of winter, and a little rich color just looks good, yknow?

amethyst purple and emerald green glass jewels

It’s a striking combo – and just a reminder, that trying new colors and shapes is an easy, simple way to play with ideas. Green and purple? Why not?

Montana sapphire framed vintage glass beads

These pretty beads are a great example of easy – affordable – pretty DIY jewelry suppoies:

montana sapphire glass beads - navy blue pointed back cabochon gems

Easy? Just add earwires or jump ring and chain: your earrings or necklace will be ready to wear.

Affordable? $3.49 for a pair in silver or brass settings.


Like I said 🙂