Aqua Glass Gem Earrings

Just one more post about aqua glass gems – I thought I would show how these aqua octagon gems available in my shop
look when worn as earrings 🙂

aqua earrings made with faceted 18mm x 13mm octagon glass gems

The mannequin used in these pics is close to life size – so you can get an idea of scale. And I think this pic illustrates wonderfully, how great the glass gems are when used “as is”. You don’t need to do a lot of fussy work.

This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming stressful operation. Choose your glass gems, add earwires, and Presto! Gorgeous earrings.

Aqua Glass Gems – on Sale

I thought I would show here, a few of the aqua glass gems available in my shop. Why now? Because the birthstone color for March is aquamarine. And aqua is beautiful all year round, of course 🙂

aquamarine and aqua glass gems available in my online jewelry supplies Etsy shop

And – they’re on sale 🙂

From now through midnight on Monday, February 7, 2022, when you buy any aqua glass stones (jewels, beads or gems) in my shop, you can get a second pair free. Or a second pendant. You name it – you buy one, you get one free. You have to ask though – just send me a note when you order, remind me of the sale I’m mentioning here, and I’ll send your freebies!

Aqua birthstone color. Faceted jewels on sale. This is a win!

DIY Earrings Design Idea – Bright Colors for 2022

I put these earrings together using components I had on my worktable – and I’m really loving them! The shapes are similar – but that third glass jewel takes it to another level with a slightly larger size. And the colors are kind of what this is all about 😉

do it yourself earrings design idea featuring bright glass octagon jewels in vivid red, emerald green and sapphire blue

Of course this picture just illustrates an idea. Find the colors you like best, or personalize them using colors your customer requests – either way, you’ll make the design your own!