Vitrail Rainbow Glass Jewels

You know that wonderful color known as vitrail? It’s also called “rainbow” and I just got some lovely little round jewels to go with the vitrail rhinestones in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop.

vitrail 10mm round rhinestone or glass jewels - in my Etsy shop

They’re “rivoli” jewels – that means the faceting comes to a gentle point rather than a flat “table” on the top. And no two are exactly alike – they shimmer with blue, green, tans, purples, and a bit of pink – every time you move.

They’re just gorgeous!

Vintage Fashion – Summer Dresses

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the last full weekend in May, and for those of us in the U.S., this is the start of summer. And it’s finally nice outside, after the weirdest May in quite a while (rain, snow, and temperatures ranging from 30 to 100, and I’m not kidding).

So my thoughts turn to summer dresses, which are wonderful and beautiful and my favorite way to dress, and comfortable and pretty and do you get the idea I like summer dresses? That would be yes.

So you know I was happy to find these lovely dresses, in an Etsy shop that’s new to me, called Folk and Fables.

She has some wonderful vintage items – like these:

floral vintage summer dress at Folk and Fables on Etsy

Lacy Summer Vintage Dress at Folk and Fables on Etsy

You see what I mean about lovely – and the dresses cost just $28 and $48 – so fabulous! And if those dresses have already been bought when you go to peek – believe me, there are a lot of pretties in this shop.

Go there! Yes, I meant right away – you’re going to love it 🙂

DIY Product Photography Tips!

I recently found a simple, easy to follow post about doing your own product photography. It’s cheap, it’s easy to understand – not only what she does but WHY she does it – and the tips really do help! I found it over at Apartment Therapy which you know I think is pretty wonderful anyway.

And talk about wonderful – the article will help you make your product photos can look like this:

how to take great productg shots - tips from Apartment Therapy

By starting with this:

how to take great productg shots - tips from Apartment Therapy

Obviously there’s a lot more detail when you read the article. I think you’ll find it as useful as I did 🙂

Vintage Glass Jewels in a Gorgeous color!

I love peridot green – so these vintage rhinestone two-jewel charms are high on my favorites list. It’s such a happy color!

peridot green and crystal rhinestone two jewel earring charms in my Etsy shop

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for vivid – pale and pretty sometimes doesn’t cut it. On those days? Deep ruby. Vivid orange.

Peridot green. Love it 🙂

P.S. And yes, genuine peridot gemstones are lovely. But clear, beautiful, well faceted gemstones, not even talking anywhere near this size? Add a lot of zeroes. Say $500. And this pair, even in the settings, costs $3.99 in my shop. Yeah. I don’t love the “natural” gemstones all THAT much more. I don’t suppose Cartier ande Tiffany’s are terribly threatened by Do It Yourself jewelry goodness but – come on. The planet I live on? These glass gems are just fine 🙂

Vintage Wedding Gowns – Wow!

There’s something wonderful about wearing a vintage wedding gown on your special day. But once I started looking, I realized how expensive they can be, even in vintage!

So I was thrilled to find *two* beautiful wedding dresses at Sweet Nancy Vintage at Etsy:

Cinderella Vintage Wedding Gown at Sweet Nancy Vintage on Etsy

White Vintage Wedding Gown at Sweet Nancy Vintage on Etsy

Aren’t they gorgeous? One is a size 8, one is a Size 12 – ah ha! Not just Size 4s. And the cost? $95 and $125! Yes, you read that right! Oh my 🙂

Truly, if those gowns are sold when you go to look, believe me you’ll find other treasures there. What are you waiting for? Go shopping!

Great Gatsby Vintage Style Earrings

I saw these recently and thought they were so graceful and lovely, I wanted to share!

Great Gatsby earrings by Parisienne Girl

This time they’re not even from my shop! They are available on Etsy though, at Parisienne Girl on Etsy. The designer has some lovely pieces inspired by “The Great Gatsby”. There’s something so evocative and, well, Continental about these creations – definitely worth checking out 🙂

Maxi Dress refashioned into a Maxi Skirt

Are you always looking for ways to look chic, fashionable and fabulous – and not spend a lot of money? Yeah, welcome to the club. I just found this little DIY tutorial and it’s so simple – and smart – I just wanted to share. And there’s an added bonus, too 🙂

Savvy Lou DIY - maxidress to maxiskirt

Click on the pic and it takes you to her instructions and her blog. And, to give you an idea of the bonus I was talking about, look at this great outfit:

Savvy Lou Fabulous and Thrifty Outfit

The pic takes you to Savvy Lou’s blog – and her blog is the bonus. Why, you ask? Search for the entry that says “Classics With Taupe”, or just go halfway down the page, and you’ll find this breakdown of what she spent to create that super outfit:

Croft & Barrow shirt ($2, Salvation Army)
Investments skirt ($2, Goodwill)
Belt ($2, Salvation Army)
Wooden Bracelet (gift, Good Wood)
Merona Booties ($10.48, Target)
NewYork Color nail color, Flat Iron Green ($1, Dollar Tree)

You see what I mean? This girl is cute and dresses well and she’s SMART. She is a fashionista resource!

Tangerine. Hyacinth. Orange. Fabulous Glass Beads.

This is a simple one – I just got in a new packet of vintage style rhinestone jewels. They’re new, not vintage – I think of them as “classic” style but new out of the box. And this is probably not a “classic” color.

These are ORANGE. I mean, vivid, bright, happy, and did I mention bright? Hyacinth tangerine orange. Love, love, love!

Tangerine Orange or Hyacinth Pear Jewels in my Etsy shop

You just can’t be indifferent to these jewels. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re right THERE.

And yes they’re available in my Etsy shop 🙂

Chris Hadfield’s music video from space

Because Chris Hadfield’s too cool for words. And he’s the first one (that I know of, that is) who is actually talking about what it’s like when you first get back to Earth, after months in space. About how heavy your teeth and tongue feel and you have to re-learn how to talk in this heavy gravity stuff. About wearing a pressure suit under your clothes for a while because your body has to re-learn how to function in, you got it, this heavy gravity stuff. About how it usually takes about 3 weeks before a returning astronaut can drive a car, because – yeah, you got the idea.

And besides, a music video from space? Is pretty great too. Here’s Chris (linked on my Pinterest page):

Chris Hadfield and guitar - on the ISS

Like I said: too cool. The man’s got chops!