Vitrail Glass Gems with Brass Flowers

Another example of how wonderful these vitrail glass gems are when paired with contrasting beads, stones, or charms. The golden brass flowers in this earring design work beautifully with the faceted rainbow vitrail glass diamonds.

Really I wanted to show another example, another style, showing how pretty (and fun!) these multi colored glass gems can be. They have variations in tone, some with more pink, or purple, or green, so if you have some charms or glass gems you want to coordinate with these stones, just let me know. We’ll find a great pair for you!

Vitrail Glass Connectors for DIY Jewelry

I just got in these adorable rainbow vitrail glass connectors. Small, useful, and so pretty! I show them here paired with vitrail glass pears (teardrops) – I think the shapes and sizes are so complementary.

I think these small – gorgeous! – glass gems are going to be about the most useful stones I’ve got. They’re quite rich in color, and while in my experience, absolutely no two vitrail stones are exactly the same – this is a wonderful batch, rich in color and it’s been quite easy to find coordinating (“matching” – for vitrail!) pairs. And the delicate size works with so many shapes. I’ll probably post another pair or two, just to show the possibilities – and to show them off!

Golden Topaz Glass Gems – the November birthstone color

A friend of mine recently asked for some ideas for golden topaz glass earrings – and she knows I usually have several jewel styles and shapes in my shop. I showed her these (plus a few others in that section):

Seriously she had trouble making up her mind! She surprised me – she went for the small(ish) round gems shown in the upper right pic, a little more conservative than I expected from her. But she said they were perfect: they had enough color and presence to really show, without being large or heavy.

I’m going to surprise her next week with another pair or two, just to show her some variety. I’ll post some here. But you know that’s the great thing about DIY jewelry – you get to make what you want!

Sheer Garnet Glass Gems for DIY Jewelry

I recently made a pair of earrings as a gift for a friend of mine, using the sheer garnet teardrops shown here in the lower right of the pic below. They were very simple (and of course easy to make) – with no embellishment except for the golden brass prong settings. She loves the earrings!

Now I was prompted to make this particular pair after I saw a new dress she’d bought. But we all have our own spark – something that makes us think hmm, I would love to find (buy)(make) something in this-or-that color. It might be a gift you want to make, it might be something for you.

That’s what’s so great about DIY jewelry – you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money. And you can make great jewelry!

Sapphire Blue and Red Necklace Design Idea

I highlighted some of my favorite sapphire blue glass gems in a post a few days ago – and that was prompted in part by sapphire blue being the birthstone color for September. Plus I just think sapphire blue is beautiful, and flattering, and easy to wear all year round. So there’s that. But also – September birthstone, right? So then I wanted to share this necklace design idea.

This is a classic design, linking glass gems to a focal pendant – and of course you could choose the shapes and colors you like best. The teardrop (or pear) shaped pendant here is gorgeous – but you’ll use your own favorite elements and make this design your own. That’s the fun of jewelry design!

Clear Glass Octagon Earrings

Yesterday’s post shows some of the faceted glass 10mm x 8mm octagons I have available right now (and on sale!) I thought it would be helpful to show you the scale of these small glass gems. The mannequin head in this pic is close to life size – so you can see that these octagons, while small, definitely work as earring jewels!

Of course they work wonderfully when you combine them with more glass gems, charms, and other elements. But on their own they are terrific. These small-but-pretty earrings would look good day or night, with jeans or cocktail dress.

And remember, through August 13, 2023, they’re on BOGO sale!

Faceted Glass 10mm x 8mm Octagons – on sale!

I love octagon shaped glass gems, big or small. They have a classic “emerald cut” shape (and that refers to the faceting this time, not the gemstone). They’re classy. They look good all alone or in combination with other shapes and sizes.

And right now, these octagons are on sale! Buy one pair, and get one pair free. It’s easy – when you purchase a pair you send me a convo (right there on Etsy) and let me know what color freebie you want! Equal or lesser value and all that, and only while supplies last. But I’m pretty well stocked up, I think. Don’t wait too long – this offer’s good through midnight on Sunday, August 13, 2023.

P.S. And yes – if you buy five pairs (just for example) you get five freebie pairs, too. Go for it!

DIY Earring Design – emerald and silver!

This simple, fun earring design has two main components: silver plated leaf charms that are a bit under 1″ long, and 10mm rivoli faceted, emerald green glass stones, linked to hang from a large ring. The elements complement each other beautifully!

Of course you can choose any color glass jewel that you love (or that you have on your work table!) I do think the 10mm round stones are a pretty contrast to the slightly longer silver leaf charms. But as always, you’ll adapt this idea using your favorite stones and shapes.

Will love to see what designs you come up with!

Crystal Oval Pendant with Flower

The golden brass flower connector in this pendant is one of my favorite charms. It’s so pretty – and useful. I’ve used it in necklace designs as shown, and it works for earrings too. Add a small jewel dangle and you’ve got your new favorite pair of earrings!

I have a few more colors of that faceted oval pendant – if you don’t see the color you need, send me a note – I might have some stashed!

Sapphire Glass Jewels, Part 2 – and a BOGO sale!

I showed off some sapphire glass jewels I have in my shop, in yesterday’s post. Today I wanted to show the scale of the two-jewel sapphire drops I have in my shop. The mannequin in this pic is pretty close to life size, so you can get an idea of how large (or rather, not too large!) these earring jewels really are.

And just so you know, the “BOGO” buy-one-get-one-free deal is still on, through midnight on Monday, August 7, 2023. So when you buy a pair of sapphire blue glass stones in my shop you get a second pair for free. Just mention this post when you order, and then let me know what freebie you want!