Glass Gem color combinations

I was playing with glass gems again, trying unusual color combinations to see how they’d look together. Sometimes that doesn’t work, of course – but sometimes we learn stuff and find very cool combos. I think this are kinda cool together 🙂

glass gem colors

I think those jewels, linked with small jumprings or hand wired, would make fabulous dangling earrings. Or use them for one end of a lariat necklace!

Have fun with colors. Life is too short to always do the same old same old, yknow what I mean?

Vintage green dress for spring

Yes I have spring on my mind – around here it’s been cold, then warm, then 70, then snowing. I’m ready for spring and sunshine! And then I saw this adorable dress and it is just what I had in mind 🙂

vintage green dress for spring

The color is great – prettier than lime green, not as dark as kelly. Very flattering and easy to wear. And the A-line cut is classic and new at the same time. I’d wear this with a fabulous pair of earrings (wouldn’t even have to be made with stones from my shop, like these peridot sparklies although of course they’d be wonderful) – but anyway, something big and sassy. And a great pair of strappy high heel sandals – or, well, flipflops! This dress is not Fancy – it’s just got good detailing. You don’t need to do a lot of Stuff to wear it.

Bright red lipstick, though.

I found this darling garment at Life on Mars Vintage which, BTW, the name is so great you should go there just because. But DB, the shop owner, really has such terrific items there, you need to go see, like, right away. Trust me.

(And another thing – the sky blue drapey dress? If it was near my size I would grab it – and maybe would take the sleeves off – but then it would be an absolute STAR. Just sayin!)

Crystal oval jewels

These pretty oval jewels are crystal pointed back cabochon stones and they are probably the most popular oval jewel I’ve ever found. Such pretty gems! The size is perfect when you don’t want gaudy but you do want sparkly 🙂

crystal oval glass jewels

They’re about 1/2″ long. Demure and girly. Also sparkling and sexy. Kind of the perfect stone. Think how pretty these would be for your wedding earrings, or a tiny lovely pendant on a delicate silver chain.

And if you want something a bit more complex, but still not huge, and still sparkly?You can choose the two-jewel setting. Pair your crystal ovals with a tiny rhinestone (and you choose the color!) Wonderful for wedding jewels – and bridesmaids.

crystal oval glass jewels with two sparkling rhinestones

Or prom. Or Friday night. Or Sunday. Or, well, you get the idea 🙂

Colorful glass jewels

I love trying new combinations of colorful glass jewels – especially those that aren’t “supposed to” go together. Says who?

aqua peridot and orange glass jewels available at weekendjewelry1 on etsy

You see what I mean? Aqua (almost turquoise) blue. Peridot green. And orange. I mean, orange! We don’t put these colors together in jewelry very often, do we.

And I really like them. And I’ve had a few other people say to me, hey, very cool. So: try new combos. That don’t go together. Just because.

Amethyst glass jewels for wedding and bridal jewelry

I don’t know if it’s a resurgence, or just a recurring popular trend – but I’ve been selling a lot of amethyst glass gemstones for wedding jewelry recently. And my customers don’t always want exact matches – they want both light and darker amethyst, from lilac to dusty deep purple. These are among the most popular choices:

amethyst glass jewels for wedding and bridal jewelry

I’m going to see if I can get some pictures – not mine, but from the brides! To show off how pretty their jewelry turned out. One girl wore all light amethyst, and her attendants wore deep purple – and she had 8 bridesmaids and a flower girl!

I’ll come back with pics asap 🙂