Glass jewels plus charms

Or “ornaments”. I’ve mentioned this before but it’s so simple, and adds such a nice variation, that I wanted to highlight it. Take a simple glass jewel – in this case, a navy blue (montana sapphire) 10mm round. Put it in a silver setting (or pick up a pair in my Etsy shop already in settings. Then add the simple silver-plated leaf charms (yes you can get those too and they’re very inexpensive).

montana sapphire round glass jewel with a silver-plated leaf charm

Voila! A delicate, interesting earring, or pendant on a silver chain. Add more jewels or pearls if you like – or just it just “as is”. You see what I mean? It’s pretty, it’s inexpensive, and you can tailor the colors and details exactly as you like.

DIY: that’s the way it’s supposed to be 😉

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