Vintage gray dress – and. Wow.

And this, right here, is why I think vintage is the greatest. This dress is pure class. It’s wearable, the draping is uber flattering, it’s work appropriate *and* it can go out to dinner. And make you look good.

vintage gray dress from Cocovintages boutique

I was originally looking for a gray dress so I could show you how cool it would be with the black diamond (gray) rhinestone connectors in my previous post here. But I don’t even need that excuse. This dress is going to look good no matter how you accessorize it – and think how many ways you could do that. Vivid scarf – great pumps. Leather boots. Spike heels. Rhinestones, pearls, glammed up – or toned down with wood cuffs or lucite.

It’s available from Cocovintages boutique and the owner, Kate, has some fabulous goodies. I’m totally serious, go there, you’re so going to thank me 🙂

This is a great dress!

PS And! It is NOT a size 2, it is a 14(ish). You can find great vintage in Real People sizes. They do get grabbed up though – you’d think they were in demand or something. (Please tell me why the fashion world tends to forget about you if you’re not a size 2 or maybe a 4. I’m still trying to figure that one out.)

Black diamond glass connector jewels

The color called “black diamond” is a neutral gray, always classy and attractive. And in this incarnation, these jewels are useful and versatile.

black diamond rhinestone triple jewel connectors

Add a pearl or teardrop to the bottom ring and you’ve got an elegant pair of earrings. Or use them to connect your necklace chain to your focal jewel – or linked to make a chic bracelet chain.

Useful, striking, sparkling. Just what you want your jewelry to be.

Vintage pink party dress

See, I wanted to show you how great the idea of wearing vintage dresses with vintage (or even new) rhinestone jewels can be. Take a look at this adorable vintage party dress:

vintage pnk party dress from Vintage Life and Design boutique

Pair this sweet dress with my pink teardrop jewels (see previous post), and you’ll have a wonderful party outfit.

The dress is a fab vintage find available from Vintage Life and Design and you are going to love this shop. Shelley, the owner, has a terrific eye for quality, affordable vintage items that real people can use. Go shopping, you’ll thank me!

Pink Teardrop Jewels Set

Because these glass jewels are beautiful – and easy to use – they appeal even to people who don’t have the patience for fussy detail work. And who like sparkly, feminine, classic jewelry.

pink glass teardrop jewels set

Because sometimes you want to get something gorgeous – and you haven’t got much time. Grab this set of pink teardrop jewels. Add earwires: voila, you have pretty and feminine earrings. Get a silver chain, slip a jump ring and clasp on. Your necklace is simple – classic – gorgeous. You could wear it tomorrow with your new black tee and black jeans: instant work appropriate – and girly.

You could wear it for your wedding. You could give it to your bride.

*This* is the nice thing about DIY – without spending a lot of money ($6.99 for the set!) and with only a few minutes work, you just made something pretty and useful. And it’s done. And it’s easy.

Upcycled boho dress – eco friendly chic clothing

This is not only a terrific dress, it’s the very best kind:

upcycled boho dress from Lillie Nora Dry Goods...lillienoradrygoods...on etsy

So why do I say “the best kind”?

1. It’s cute.
2. It’s upcycled, which is always of the good.
3. It’s year round wearable – how fun and flattering in the springtime, just like she’s wearing it in the pic? And for fall and winter, add leggings. Maybe a cami underneath, for body-hugging warmth.
4. It’s affordable.
5. And did I mention, it’s cute?

Because it’s got to look great or you’re not going to wear it. But it does. So – like I said, the best!

PS It’s available at Lillie Nora Dry Goods on Etsy, one of my favorite Etsy shops – where Barb, the artist / designer, has many adorable upcycled garments. This girl is *good*!

Peach “cushion cut” glass jewels

These peach “cushion cut” octagon glass jewels are new in my shop – and they are getting some wonderful attention. Girly? yes. Wearable? yes. And, well, they’re gorgeous.

peach cushion cut glass jewels at weekendjewelry1 at etsy

This faceted octagon cut just looks classy, whenever I see it – and I’ve been seeing it a lot of places. It’s a wonderful bridal jewel, it’s beautiful for party jewelry, and it’s also wearable for work – it’s not huge and dangling. It’s just a pretty, sparkly gem – okay, glass gem – that’s perfect for DIY earrings.

Or gifts, of course 😉

Vintage Bodycon Dress

This one’s just for fun: a great bodycon dress, cute, wearable, and it’s vintage too. The pic says it all:

chevron pattern vintage bodycon dress

The chevron pattern is cute – and totally chic right now. The dress is washable and stretchable and did I mention affordable? Yes. And vintage too? Oh yes, this is a dress you’ll love to wear.

It’s available from ThrifTeeFinds at Etsy. It’s a new shop and I think one we want to watch 🙂

This is a dress I’d expect to see at Forever21 – except it’s vintage, which makes it even better. Check it out!

Hyacinth orange rhinestone connectors

Because, well, orange. Hyacinth orange, it’s called, and it is a gorgeous color, and sometimes you just want that vivid accent.

hyacinth orange rhinestone connectors

The stones are tiny – 4mm, or about 1/8″. The whole connector is about 7/8″ long. Terrific for an earring dangle (add a pretty jewel to the tiny ring on the bottom, and your earrings are complete) – or link stones for a bracelet or necklace.

Because sometimes, you want that vivid, lively, cheerful orange in your day!

Rhinestone teardrop jewels – and choose your color

This pretty teardrop style is very popular in my Etsy shop right now. They’re about 1″ long – big enough to have real presence but not super heavy – and they have lovely sparkle. And a little extra something…

rhinestone teardrop jewels in my Etsy shop - with choose your color options

These are just some of the colors that are available – and the really fun part is that you can choose the color of those tiny rhinestones at the top. I show crystal (sparkly clear ones) mostly here – but you’ve got lots of choices, and there’s a drop-down menu on each listing so you can specify what color you want.

It’s a great way to tailor your jewelry to truly match your outfit – or maybe your bridesmaid dresses 😉

Vintage Dance Dress

This is a great dress. I don’t even have to say anything – just look:

vintage green dance dress

Of course I *am* going to say more, because I am really impressed with this dress – and with her additional pics. She shows great detail – and she shows that dress, how it moves and how it flatters.

It’s available at Jabberwocky Vintage on Etsy. Go check out her other listings (and urge her to post more) – because she has a great eye!

This is what a dress ought to be. Fun – flattering – affordable – and, well, look at it. Isn’t that how you want to feel when you grab your favorite dress?