Sapphire blue glass gems – the birthstone color for September

I just got in some new sapphire glass gems – the sheer octagons shown below. I’ve paired them here with sapphire blue teardrops – they’re beautifully coordinated. And I’ve just gotten more stones in, so right now I have some terrific sapphire blue glass gems in my shop.

I tried this earring design idea because (1) the sapphire octagons are new and I wanted to see how they’d look with other shapes and sizes and (2) okay, I’m lazy, the sapphire teardrops were on my worktable! But I really like this combination. The glass stones work well together and paired this way, they’re just a bit unusual.

You’ll do that too – try different shapes and colors with new stones, plus what you have on your worktable. That’s the fun of DIY jewelry!

And as I mentioned above – sapphire blue is the birthstone color for September. If you have a September birthday girl, I bet she’d love some jewelry. Save money – and make her a gift that’s from the heart!

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