Sapphire blue glass gems – the birthstone color for September

I just got in some new sapphire glass gems – the sheer octagons shown below. I’ve paired them here with sapphire blue teardrops – they’re beautifully coordinated. And I’ve just gotten more stones in, so right now I have some terrific sapphire blue glass gems in my shop.

I tried this earring design idea because (1) the sapphire octagons are new and I wanted to see how they’d look with other shapes and sizes and (2) okay, I’m lazy, the sapphire teardrops were on my worktable! But I really like this combination. The glass stones work well together and paired this way, they’re just a bit unusual.

You’ll do that too – try different shapes and colors with new stones, plus what you have on your worktable. That’s the fun of DIY jewelry!

And as I mentioned above – sapphire blue is the birthstone color for September. If you have a September birthday girl, I bet she’d love some jewelry. Save money – and make her a gift that’s from the heart!

Ruby red glass stones – the birthstone color for July

Of course red is a fabulous color for jewelry anyway – we know that. It’s flattering to most skin tones, it can be casual or dressy, it’s the main color of at least two holidays, and it’s just fun to wear! And…ruby red is the birthstone color for July. So I thought I’d highlight a few of the ruby red glass jewels available in my shop right now.

So if you need a birthday gift for a bestie born in July, you might find some ideas here. Or if you want something to match the red shirt you just bought. Or if you want to subtly point out a few things that would be perfect in your eyes and somebody wants to buy *you* a gift… you get the idea. Get what works for you!

DIY necklace design idea that you can customize!

The pendant shown in this DIY necklace design idea is available right now in my shop – in several colors (so you can pick your favorite!)

Shown “as is” it’s a lovely necklace. You can request that your glass jewels be set in silver plated brass as shown, or in antiqued patina brass, or golden raw brass. Select a complementary necklace chain, and you’ll have a gorgeous necklace!

And a very cool detail – you can choose the color of the tiny stone at the top of the setting. That way you can customize your colors. If this is a necklace you’re making as a gift for your girlfriend, you can choose the two birthstone colors of her daughters. Or just choose her favorites. Or yours. That’s the beauty of DIY jewelry – you can make it just the way you want!

Customize these glass octagons in multi stone settings!

These pretty, delicate earring jewels are available in many colors in my shop – and they can be customized 🙂 You choose the color of the tiny round jewel at the top of the setting!

You can choose your favorite color. Or clear crystal as is shown in many of these choices, because that always adds a bit of extra sparkle 🙂 Or, coordinate the octagon color with your child’s birthstone color! There are a lot of possibilities – and you can choose the ones you like best.

That’s the beauty of custom made DIY jewelry. Well – the fact that you can choose just what you want – and, that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. One more reason to love DIY!