Upcycled dress. The best kind of fashion!

I saw this adorable dress on Etsy and loved the casual style. Then I noticed it’s made from upcycled components, and appreciate it even more. This is so smart!

boho upcycled dress from Revival boutique on Etsy

Isn’t it great? Casual – funky – and kind of sexy/fun. I found it at Revival boutique on Etsy. The designer said it beautifully: “What better way to be kind to the planet and create something unique, classic and timeless?”

So: kinder to the planet. Ecologically smart. Original stylish dress. One-of-a-kind, well-made, affordable garments you’re going to love.

This is what I call a win. Go shopping – you’ll thank me!

Red glass jewels, part 2

And this is the pic I mentioned earlier. Here we have a darling summer dress (vintage of course). And the red jewels – just for comparison’s sake, with a couple other colors that could work.

vintage green dress and coordinating glass earring jewels

Any of these could work (even the green ones, which aren’t quite the kelly green that would be perfect). But the red vintage jewels, well, I just think they’d be the most fun 😉

Red glass jewels :-)

I just wanted to show you how a simple little jewel can totally work for you. You’ll remember that pretty green summer dress I featured the other day – well it has calico trim with red in it. Think how pretty these vintage oval jewels would be as earrings with that dress 🙂

ruby red vintage glass jewels

I’m going to post a pic in a little while, showing the dress – and the jewels (wish I could do it on a model! Oh well). Just so you can get the idea. Contrasts work. Simple works.

Color works 🙂

Vintage green summer dress

I saw this adorable kelly green vintage dress and it just popped into my head, how I would wear it. And I totally fell in love.

vintage green summer dress

Now first, it’s a cute dress. Next: add bright red hoop earrings. Big ones. And really high heeled sandals. Yes, just this once, because they would so totally rock. In red, or green, or black. Black patent. That’s the ticket.

I don’t know if I’d leave the length “as is”, or shorten it to one of the calico bands around the bottom – would have to try it on to see.

I found this terrific garment while visiting Topanga Hidden T on Etsy. Darrell and Mary Bee, the owner and curator, have a great eye, super values – and a brick and mortar shop as well! So in person, or online, you definitely want to Go Shopping here 🙂

And this dress – cute, cotton, and even comfy – and it’s a “large” (yay! not a size 2!) And fun? Yes.

The bright red hoops are optional 🙂

P.S. Plus – this is important. They have a dinosaur on the roof of their brick-and-mortar. I mean, it’s worth the trip to LA!

Vintage white jewels

I think of these pretty oval duos as “wedding jewels”. Of course you can wear them for other occasions, but they are so graceful, simple, and feminine, that I think they are perfect for brides:

vintage white oval glass jewels

The little sparkle of color at the top of the setting can be matched to your wedding colors – or of course can be clear, sparkling, bridal crystal. Hmm. You could use crystal for your earrings – and a color stone for your bridesmaids 🙂

DIY. Save money. Sparkling, pretty, bridal jewels. This is all to the good!

Vintage turquoise sandals

Oh my goodness! Look at these gorgeous shoes. The shop has them listed as “mules” – I’d have said, “Slides”. They’re backless heels, they’re sandals, whatever you call them, they are wonderful!

vintage turquoise sandals or mules

Actually I think I like the name “mules”. It’s vintage too. And these are that super combo of vintage style – that looks totally great today.

I found these hot shoes at Vogue Vintage boutique at Etsy, and this woman has a great eye (and great prices!) Check out her orange crocheted sundress, or purple mod 1960s swimsuit, or Hawaiian batik dress, or – well, you get the idea. And right now, she’s got a “Christmas in July” sale.

Check it out – you’ll love it!

Stud earring jewels – these are back!

I mentioned cushion cut jewels the other day – one of the other major trends I’m seeing lately is stud earrings. Small, pretty earrings that don’t shout out loud – but look great.

Like these pretty glass octagons:

aqua stud earring jewels in my jewelry supplies shop

Those little jewels can be placed in one-ring, two-ring or no-ring settings. I think people are liking the no-ring, button earring styles lately because they don’t get in the way, they look girly and pretty, and sometimes it’s nice to have a change from big dangle earrings.

Which we will talk about later. Because they’re still wonderful. But the little earrings? They’re fun too 🙂

Cushion cut glass jewels

The term “cushion cut” refers to an octagon shaped glass jewel, usually with rounded corners. It’s a classic cut harkening back to the fine Czech glass rhinestones of the 1800s – and probably to beautifully cut gemstones for a long time before that.

They are still one of the most popular cuts, and you can see why:

golden topaz cushion cut glass jewels at

They’re one of the most flattering, versatile styles of stone to wear – whether glass, lucite, or gemstone. You’ll love them!

Summer storms in Kansas City

We have been very lucky, here in KC. There’ve been some humongous storms this year – none of which have reached our neighborhood. Well this week we had one finally come through. Just a few days’ worth of interruption to “normal life” (you can define that however you want to, I figure as long as there’s food on the table and running water, everything else is gravy).

So anyway – I am playing catchup. Last Thursday (okay, very early Friday, about 2:00 am) we had part of a tree fall on our house.

part of a tree that fell on our roof

And it didn’t make a hole in the roof – talk about blessed! As it fell it came through other branches, so it was gentle. Just cumbersome and big and I do have to say, it was much bigger in real life than in the pic here.

Well, it seemed like it. We got it removed (a huge front-yard-filling pile of tree trunks, lumber, and branches as they were hauled away) and the only other problem was two days without power, which I’m not fond of. And three days without internet, which ditto.

But some people are still without power, 5 days later. And had major roof and/or house damage. We were SO lucky.

Counting my blessings!