The beauty of contrasts – DIY jewelry design

Just another example of how contrasts make all your elements look better:

black filigree ornament and clear crystal glass jewel

You see what I mean? Whether this filigree-style “ornament” or another, the drama of using black with clear jewels adds a little extra something. These clear glass ovals are nicely faceted – the light and sparkle add just enough pizzazz to this combo to make it extra fun for a necklace focal. These were on my worktable – if I was going to make a necklace, I’d use gunmetal chain – or silver – or copper.

Contrasts. Play with stuff. Don’t match all your elements – on purpose. It works!

Jewelry design – mixed metals. Mixed colors.

I know, I’ve said this before – it’s worth repeating. Mix up your colors. Mix your metals. Mix clay and glass. Mix plastic and metal – why not? (Okay, not if you’re paying real gemstone prices.) But for fun stuff – why not?

Here’s another peek at some of the combos I found on my worktable:

mixed jewel colors and mixed metals - DIY earring ideas

The point here is, you don’t have to Match. Copper and silver together? Sure. Brass, copper, silver…. they can all look good. You’re the one who decides. If you like it – it works. If you decide you need those colors – it works.

You’re in charge. You like it? It works.

The fun of neutral glass jewels

And why do I say “Fun”? Because when you find something you like, and it’s a good price, and then you realize you can wear it all year round, with practically any outfit, because it’s neutral in color?

hematite or charcoal glass beads at

Now that’s fun. Economical, and smart, and feel-good-fun. We should all find a few little pleasures like this – and it costs you $3.59 plus the earwires? You’re going to beat that? Yeah, I don’t think so.

P.S. By the way – that’s me and my camera, reflected in the charcoal gray cabochons. Now that’s highly polished!

Peach and melon glass jewels

And what makes these a little bit unusual, is using sparkly (or sheer) jewels paired with opaque ones. It’s like having a new visual “texture” – it’s fun, it’s interesting, and when the colors are beautifully coordinated like these, it really works.

peach melon opaque pear jewels

They’re not exactly the same shade of peach – which doesn’t strike me as a bad thing. They’re gorgeous together. And will look good all summer. And winter.

Which is what you want your (DIY, inexpensive, wearable) jewelry to do 🙂