DIY jewelry storage – part three. I think.

This isn’t a new idea – but the picture is such a clear (and pretty) illustration of what we can do for cheap or even free, I wanted to share 🙂

do it yourself jewelry storage and organization

I’m not sure if this was a recycled drawer or tray – I found the pic on Pinterest but when I clicked through, the link was dead. (If it’s your pic, let me know, please? so I can give you credit!)

But the idea is clear. Cut cardboard to make dividers for a shallow drawer or tray or box. I’m in favor of the box – it’ll probably be free.

Spray paint the whole thing white or some other color you love. I’d polyurethane it, after – to make sure it’s waterproof. Let it dry. Let it dry some more.

Place your jewelry in the little compartments. Stick the whole thing in a drawer. Presto: organized storage. Practically free. Win!

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