Smoky topaz vintage glass jewels

I love this rich, deep smoky topaz – this oval pendant feels very luxe – and the earring jewels are adorable. No,k they’re not an exact match – but beautifully coordinated? Oh yes.

smoky topaz vintage glass jewels in  my Etsy shop

These jewels are a great example of – when you’ve got something classy and fabulous, you don’t need fussy, you don’t need a lot of *stuff*. They work on their own. Add a jump ring and chain to that pendant, and your necklace is ready – and gorgeous. Add earwires and your coordinating earrings are ready to wear.
When you’re in a hurry (and we all know what that’s like) something you can use *now* – and it looks great – and it’s affordable – That’s a win 🙂

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