Vintage patina brass filigrees

Vintage patina brass filigrees are a wonderful complement to vintage glass jewels (hey, they’re good with shiny new ones, too). Brass can be so timeless! The examples I show here are a few items in my shop right now. They’re actually new brass – but the die (or pattern) from which each is made, comes from mid 20th century – or earlier.

patina brass filigrees in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop

I love the intricacy and detailing of these pieces. They are all made in the USA – from manufacturers that have dominated the brass jewelry trade for decades. They are, let’s put it this way, the Rolls Royce of brass filigrees.

Okay, I’m biased. I’ve found some wonderful manufacturers. They truly are quality though. Imagine any of these pieces, with handwired teardrops or pearls. Or used as the connector in a fab bracelet. Or, well, you can imagine.

I’ll be showing off a few pieces in the weeks to come. But these? are a fabulous start to the Year of Fabulous Vintage (style) Jewelry 🙂