Vintage bridesmaid dress

I first thought of “party dress”, because add a pair of high-heeled slippers (don’t you lvoe the vintage jargon? pumps, or stilettos, or whatever you want to call them) – and a fab pair of earrings and you will ROCK this dress. Or it will rock you. **

But then I thought: non-matching (but similar color) bridesmaid dresses, which if I was planning another wedding for me that is totally what I would be doing, so that my girls culd have dresses they love that were also coordinated with what I wanted 🙂

And this dress:

vintage blue bridesmaid dress...or party dress

How could you not love this dress? Look at the details! The wonderful shirring, the little bows, the finely-bound armholes, the full skirt! Modest but sexy too. Flirty and fun.

I found it at Jupe De Jour vintage boutique on Etsy, and this darling shop is just full of vintage finds you need to know about. A gorgeous red cheongsam. A pair of vintage brown pumps that believe me if they were my size would already be sold.

A vintage cowboy hat! Go see. You’ll thank me.

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