Vintage festival dress, party dress, wedding dress

I found this darling dress while doing a search for “hippie dress”. Now I don’t really consider myself a hippie, or the dresses I love as ‘hippie’ – but comfortable, pretty, flowing dresses are labeled that way right now. So just go with it. This is now officially a ‘hippie dress’.

vintage yellow wedding dress ... festival dress ... party dress

I also think it would be wonderful for a spring wedding dress, or party dress over the holidays (maybe not in the frigid north, but still) – or just a garden dress. Or wear it the way the shop intended – as a “festival dress”. I’d love to go to that festival 😉

I found it at Yellow Bee Vintage, a sweet vintage boutique on Etsy. Nicci, the shop owner, has a terrific eye for value – she has great items, she gives good pics, and includes the detailed info you need to make an online purchase. Not to mention, just as an example, an ivory organza 1950s wedding gown with ruched sleeves for $169.00, I am NOT kidding, and a pair of beaded white wedding gloves for $25.00. You need to check out this shop!

Oh. Did I mention the lovely yellow festival dress is $38.00? Nice little detail there. Now seriously: go shopping. You’ll thank me!

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