Vintage home decor – a copper teapot

And such a find! it’s not new. It’s got history. It’s gorgeous.

vintage copper teapot from Ratty and Catty

And yes, it’s not in perfect condition – there is tarnish – and a dent. This wouldn’t interfere with its function – and to me, doesn’t interfere with its beauty, either. This happy little teapot has character. How cool if we can give it more life, and let it into ours.

I found it over at Ratty and Catty over on Etsy – and by the way, with a name like that, I’m already inclined to love the place. But I don’t need to be inclined – they’ve got some yummy vintage treasures for the home and for you. And they ship worldwide, which not every vintage shop does.

They also give clear photos and details about the condition of each piece. That is such a valuable trait! And hey – the aforementioned teapot even comes with its own trivet, to protect your pretty little coffee table. (It’s vintage too, right?)


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