Aquamarine or Aqua Stud Earrings

You know that aquamarine is the March birthstone, right? So I got to thinking about aqua, aqua blue, aquamarine, light turquoise…. all those color names for pretty aqua jewels. And since I had just found that totally darling aqua prom dress (see post here), I thought it could be fun to look at aqua earrings, too.

Let’s go understated, first.

aqua rhinestone button or stud earring jewels

These stud earring jewels are easy to use (just glue on earring posts – E6000 is a pretty reliable jewelry glue). They’re small(ish) but large enough to have a bit of impact, about 1/2″ long. They’d be great day or night – and kind of extra fun, when people *expect* you to wear long dangly earrings – and you’ve got on a pair of classy button earrings, instead.

Anyway. That’s a start. Don’t get me wrong, I like dangly earrings too – and I’m going to come back in a day or two and show off some designs I think you’ll like.

But meanwhile? Aquamarine blue. March birthstone. Make a birthday present for your BFF or your mom. Or you, of course 😉

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