Aqua vintage prom dress

And really this is what vintage is all about. Good vintage, anyway. First and most important, this is a terrific dress.

Aqua vintage prom dress from Ruffles and Daisies

And: it’s vintage. Which means it’s probably better made than a lot of the new dresses you’ll find in shops these days. Also a better value (Yes!) And you’re not going to see ten of them at your prom, which is cool too.

And it’s girly and pretty – and that princess seaming? Uber flattering. And the lacing is a little bit sexy and fun. But not so racy they’ll kick you out of the prom.

I found this treasure at Ruffles and Daisies, a vintage boutique on Etsy. Kati, the curator and shop owner, has a great eye. She’s got some wonderful finds – and she shows them cleanly and clearly, with an eye for showing details – an all important skill for selling online.

Go peek. You’ll thank me!

(And by the way. Yes, this will be a great prom dress. But it’s one of those rare styles that could look super on somebody 16 – or 60. Like I said: a GOOD dress!)

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