Black diamond (gray) glass teardrop beads

I’m loving these delicate, smaller teardrops this Spring. They’re girly, they’re easy to wear, they look good. They’re just a bit smaller than some of my classic teardrops – about 5/8″ high rather than 3/4″ – so they’re just that little bit more comfortable. I’m all about easy, pretty and comfy 🙂

black diamond framed glass pendant or earring jewels

And I love the “black diamond” color – plus it makes me smile. Trust Swarovski, I *think* it was, to come up with that snazzy, expensive-sounding name for this neutral gray! Whatever you call it, it’s a terrific and useful shade. It pretty much goes with everything – and always looks classy 😉

Easy, affordable, pretty. This is the way DIY jewelry is supposed to be!

PS I show these beads in silver plated brass settings, which is traditional and attractive. But sometime you might want to try using the gray beads with copper AND brass. Mix your metals – boho chic!

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