Blue zircon octagon jewels – so rich!

I don’t think it’s just me. I think these wonderful blue zircon octagon jewels (glass jewels, that is) look fabulously luxurious.

sheer blue zircon octagon beads (glass or rhinestone jewels) in my Etsy shop

I’ve had blue zircon octagons before, in a foiled-back setting, and they’re super. But this is actually one of those colors that I think is even better when it’s sheer, so the light shines through. It looks good on just about everybody, it’s great year-round, and the octagon cut (closely resembling the classic gemstone “emerald cut”) feels very luxe.

Use these jewels in a simple setting – as an oversized button earring (yes I have no-ring, closed back settings for them) – or a simple drop earring – or a fabulous classic emerald-cut pendant. You’ll look like a million bucks.

You just don’t have to spend that kind of money 🙂


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