Clear Glass Beads and Gems

This time I wanted to focus on clear glass jewels. Totally clear, transparent – not the “crystal clear” that has a foil backing (yes those are lovely, but not this post!) No, I mean faceted, transparent glass. There are obvious advantages – clear glass beads go with everything. But more important, even clear glass earrings can have sparkle! Case in point:

And no, I didn’t artificially add sparkle and contrast to the pics. My lighting was the usual (for me) – a fairly bright overcast day, filtered through translucent plastic at one window. Hey, it (mostly) works. And the clear glass will sparkle sometimes, sometimes not. Just like all faceted glass gems 🙂

The great thing about clear glass gems: yes they go with everything. Which makes it smart to use them when making DIY jewelry. Whether you make and sell jewelry, or make jewelry for yourself and for gifts: you know that clear glass will work!

P.S. Clear glass is also great for bridal jewelry if you don’t want loud flash, or to compete with your gown. Something to keep in mind!

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