Fabulous 1940s Vintage Fashion

You know I”m always hunting (low key or top priority, depending) for lovely vintage frocks – my favorite way to dress. Interesting, flattering, unique, low cost compared to the high end stuff I’d want otherwise – AND it’s good for the planet. This is a win/win!

Sorry, I got sidetracked 🙂 Today I mostly just want to share this totally yummy dress I just found:

vintage blue 1940s dress available at Youthstep on Etsy

Is that a fabulous dress or what! Look at the detailing, the flattering cut, the total wearability – day or not-too-dressy evening. With the short sleeves, it’ll be great in springtime and summer – but you won’t freeze when you’re inside with air conditioning.

And it’s meant for a woman with curves! So in love with this one.

And I’m very impressed with the offerings at Youthstep – Vintage shop on Etsy. You can find some lovely and unusual items. And she’s very careful to describe the condition of her items – the hallmark I think of a quality shop.

Like I said – a win/win 🙂

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