Glass cabochon jewels

You know I’m a convert to glass cabochons and jewels. I had to learn that good jewelry didn’t have to be made with “precious” gemstones or cost a fortune. This pic below is just another example of how glass jewels can be lovely 🙂

aqua topaz and peridot green glass cabochon jewels

These were jewels that were on my worktable from a couple different projects – and you know how I do sometimes – I just fiddle with different combos. These are all strong colors – golden topaz navettes, peridot green round rivoli jewels, and deep aqua glass octagons. Any of them could be used alone, as is, for earrings or necklace jewels.

And when you put them together? Stunning. Fun. Fab. Easy to make, easy to wear, easy on the wallet. You see what I mean? This is a win 😉

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