Gorgeous vintage dress – and did I mention cleavage?

All right, yes, that was just a teaser. Because this is a girly and gorgeous dress – and there’s no cleavage. The whole thing that caught my eye about this dress is that it is pretty, and flattering, and if it’s your size it would look good on basically everybody between about 14 and 84. Yes it would look different on those two females – but think about it, it would look GOOD.

Melon peach vintage dress at Lucky Dry Goods vintage shop on Etsy

And the thing is, sometimes for one reason or another you need something classy and dressy that is modest. Maybe you’re trying to impress his mom (or give her a snow job, what do I know). Or to wear to your very conservative office party. Or something. But you still want to look good. Well – here’s your dress.

It’s available at Lucky Dry Goods, a vintage shop on Etsy. And may I just say, that if this delectable garment is already purchased, when you go to check? There are many irresistible vintage finds just waiting for you to pounce. Did I mention the Black velvet dress from the 1930s or the gold lurex pantsuit that Alfred Hitchcock would totally have used in one of his films?

I mean, you have go to check. Trust me on this one 😉

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