Vintage Blue Hat with Fascinator Veil

Now *this* is Style:

Royal blue vintage hat with fascinator veil

This fabulous vintage hat with fascinator veil is available from Semprevintage on Etsy. It’s in wonderful shape, it’s gorgeous, it’s affordable. Every time you wear it, your entire outfit is going to be more interesting. Your girlfriends are going to want to know where you got it. Your man friends are going to think you’re sexier, although they won’t necessarily even know why, and they probably won’t think anything about your hat at all. But there’ll be something about you and they will respond to it, even if they don’t know what it is. Maybe they’ll go, “Oh, blue hat, whatever.”

But you will know. Gorgeous and interesting. The “affordable” part is just a perk.

If this lovely hat is gone when you go to visit, believe me there are many more wonderful treats to find at Semprevintage on Etsy. It’s that kind of (wonderful) shop. The owner, Anna, has the good sense to give lots of detail and photos. Her shop is, well, fascinating.

You’ll see what I mean. Go peek!

P.S. And by the way, did I mention the vintage wedding dress I loved? She has a vintage bridal category – in other words, she is always looking for more vintage wedding dresses and accessories! You know that’s what you’ve been looking for!

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