How to REARRANGE on Etsy

My main jewelry supplies store is Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy. Like many Etsy sellers, I’ve been struggling a bit to figure out how to rearrange my shop items in the new mobile-friendly layout.

And now that I have it mostly figured out, I thought it might be a good idea to share (and save!) the method:

1. Click on “Edit Shop”
2. Go to the bottom of your first 24 items and click on “More Items”. Repeat as needed, till they’re all available in one long page.
3. Now go back to the top and click on “REARRANGE”.
4. A number will appear in the upper right corner of every listing. Find the listing you want to move to your No. 1 slot – and type 1.
5. Hit Enter. Presto – your fisrt item is now in your Number 1 slot.
6. Repeat with your Number 2 choice. And Number 3, and etc.
7. View Shop when you’ve moved all the items you want to.

Your items should now be in their new positions. (Okay, it works for me – send me a note if you need help!)

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