Jewelry Design – Earrings

I tried an experiment again. I gathered together some of the jewels I had on my work table – that hadn’t been put away yet, or were extras I was playing with, or whatever. I had to use what was sitting, randomly, on the table. And I made earrings (okay, I put together the jeweled pieces for earrings, I didn’t actually assemble them. Such a quibble!)

earring design samples

These aren’t colors I would normally use together – and yet, I like what I’ve tried here. Peach, and deep purple amethyst, and peridot green, in one dangling earring? Well, why not? Warm smoky topaz, jonquil yellow, emerald green, and amethyst?

Sure. Warm smoky topaz, jonquil yellow, emerald green, and amethyst. Why not?

I guess the real point here is – take out your bead soup, or uncover it from when your husband came in the workroom and you didn’t want him to think it was all a Mess.

Play with different, unusual, fun combos. Try stuff. You’ll find out some things look good together that you never expected – and sometimes, you’ll make Art.

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