Smoky topaz glass jewels set

First I have to say I love this color, so I’m biased. But aren’t these gorgeous?

smoky topaz glass jewels set in my jewelry supplies online shop

They’re neutral – but not dull and boring. The classic octagon jewel is a wonderful necklace focal, whether you display it simply on a chain or add a cluster of pearls, filigree or gems. The oval earring jewels are great slipped on an earwire “as is” but they can also be made into jewelry connectors (one loop or ring at each end of the setting) so you can use them in bracelets, to connect pearls and gems to your classic rhinestones – the possibilities are practically endless. You can even get them in a no-ring, closed back setting and turn them into button earrings.

So: classic smoky topaz. Gorgeous faceting. Great with a summer tan or winter blacks. And when you do it yourself – well, you know how much you save? A lot (four bucks and change versus, well, whatever the traffic will bear in a jewelry shop).

Win-win 🙂

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