Vintage Pink Sandals

And then of course, if you’re thinking about Spring, then with your pretty spring dress (see my post here) you’re going to need some pretty accessories. And (just this once) I’m not even talking about jewelry.

I’m talking about these darling 1960s sandals:

Vintage pink sandals from BigBangZero on Etsy

Are those not adorable? They’re available at BigBangZero Vintage Shop on Etsy and she has lots of wonderful goodies that will charm you and make you happy. Go sneak a peek, you will thank me!

Like I said – slip on your pretty spring dress, grab a shawl or jacket, slip into these wondiferous sandals, and go meet your girlfriend. Or boyfriend. Or both.

Summer. Fun. Kind of what it’s all about 🙂

P.S. And did I mention the Art Deco red glass-beaded fringe bag or the Black Italian leather granny boots she has in her shop right now? Honestly. Go peek!

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