White bridal jewels – and a free gift with purchase

Okay, these are two good things: a pretty earring design idea using white bridal jewels. And, a free gift with purchase. What’s not to love?

The bridal jewels are traditional – with a twist. They are classic modern shapes (that are also pretty, and flattering) – but the white teardrops shown here were made in post-war Japan! That’s post World War II Japan – we’re going back a ways! And they’re in wonderful shape. The “white opal” glass octagons shown here aren’t quite as old – they’re from the late 1950s. So – “something old” here – but so fresh and pretty!

white vintage glass jewels for a DIY bridal earrings design

And! The “free gift with purchase” thing? Buy these components for your wedding jewels (or for a bride you know, or a bridal customer) – and you get a free gift of another pair of white glass jewels, your choice (subject to availiability). This is a limited time offer (till May 1, 2018) so you probably won’t want to wait too long!

Bridal jewels that are gorgeous – and affordable. And a free gift. Like I said – what’s not to love?

Vintage white jewels

I think of these pretty oval duos as “wedding jewels”. Of course you can wear them for other occasions, but they are so graceful, simple, and feminine, that I think they are perfect for brides:

vintage white oval glass jewels

The little sparkle of color at the top of the setting can be matched to your wedding colors – or of course can be clear, sparkling, bridal crystal. Hmm. You could use crystal for your earrings – and a color stone for your bridesmaids 🙂

DIY. Save money. Sparkling, pretty, bridal jewels. This is all to the good!

Bridal wedding jewels

A customer asked me to show her some of the crystal jewels I currently have available – she was playing with ideas for her wedding jewelry. I sent her several individual links, and showed her this pic too:

crystal glass jewels available in my Etsy shop

We shared a few ideas back and forth until she determined exactly what she wanted – I can’t wait to see her wedding pics!

When it comes down to it, that’s what really counts. Pretty bridal and wedding jewels that can be combined into your very own creation – perfect for your special day!

Vintage wedding gown and a great shop

I wish I needed a wedding dress (and that this lovely gown was my size). This beautiful wedding gown is vintage, is in great shape, and if you are in the market at ALL, please keep reading!

vintage white wedding gown from Vics Vintage Closet

Because: beautiful ivory white fabric with what looks almost like trapumto detailing (machine done but still). Strapless, with tags STILL ON. And a train. A bit of sitting-in-storage dust so it needs to be cleaned – but, unworn!

It’s beautiful, it’s classic *and* classy. It’s available from Vic’s Vintage Closet on Etsy. And (probably because Vic is moving, and everything in her lovely shop is on sale) it is selling for $45.00 plus shipping. I am not kidding!

If it’s gone by the time you see this post, then you still want to peek. Because she has such lovely items – a Calvin Klein jacket, a Diane von Furstenburg dress, a Liz Claiborne bag – oh, you’ve got to go look.

You are going to thank me!

Vintage Wedding Gowns – Wow!

There’s something wonderful about wearing a vintage wedding gown on your special day. But once I started looking, I realized how expensive they can be, even in vintage!

So I was thrilled to find *two* beautiful wedding dresses at Sweet Nancy Vintage at Etsy:

Cinderella Vintage Wedding Gown at Sweet Nancy Vintage on Etsy

White Vintage Wedding Gown at Sweet Nancy Vintage on Etsy

Aren’t they gorgeous? One is a size 8, one is a Size 12 – ah ha! Not just Size 4s. And the cost? $95 and $125! Yes, you read that right! Oh my 🙂

Truly, if those gowns are sold when you go to look, believe me you’ll find other treasures there. What are you waiting for? Go shopping!