Fuschia vintage glass teardrops with sparkling crystal – DIY earrings!

This was a good day! Don’t laugh, I was able to resupply one of the customer faves in my shop – and these stones are genuine vintage, I don’t take that for granted! Not sure how old they are but the packaging they came in has the phone number of the company in New York which originally imported them – from Czechoslovakia, I think.

The phone number does not have an area code. The U.S. adopted area codes in the early 1950s. These stones are true vintage 😉

Plus I love the combination of the deeper fuschia pink and the sparkling faceted crystal. Easy to create – and of course adopt to your own style. I think you’ll love them!

Sparkling Glass Pear Jewels for Earrings and Pendants

All the pear or teardrop shaped glass jewels in this pic are 14mm x 10mm, or approximately 5/8″ x 3/8″. It’s a wonderful size for earrings, or medium size pendants, and of course they can be used for glass connectors too.

The peridot green 14x10mm pears are new in my shop! The emerald green are vintage (the emerald green), and the sheer peach and deep amethyst purple are new, and I was able to resupply (yay!) Of course I have more colors available, couldn’t get them all in this pic.

Click on the pic and find the other colors I have available right now – if and if you’re looking for one you can’t find, just send me a note – I might be able to find some for you. Happy shopping!

White and White Opal Vintage Glass Stones

The white and white opal glass stones shown here are some of the favorites in my shop – and I’ve been able to resupply recently! Given that these glass gems are true vintage (not just “vintage style”), that can be tricky!

I was going to say that, especially with summer almost here, white stones and gems are particularly appropriate. But really that’s not relevant. White glass gems are always beautiful and useful, year-round. Think of combining them with black for strong neutrals – or with any pretty pastels. With do it yourself jewelry supplies, you are the true designer – and you choose what elements you love most!

But having said all that – white glass gems are great in summer jewelry!

Sapphire Blue Vintage Glass Heart Earrings

Do you want to make a DIY pair of earrings that will be fabulous and easy to make, a hit with your customers and a treasured gift to your buds? One word: hearts.

Seriously. I’m not trying to say these are the “best” earrings to make. I’m saying that these vintage glass hearts are a great size for comfortable earrings *and* have their own shine and presence. Hearts have a special meaning for us. Hearts are love. Maybe more, but definitely love. I’ve made these heart earrings for friends – they love them. I’ve made them for bridesmaids – they’re wonderful. Used as a pendant on a lovely necklace, or simple classic (and classy) earrings – faceted vintage glass hearts.

You’ll love them!

Black and White Glass Stones – a Necklace Design Idea

I wanted to share one more example of how neutral, black and white glass stones can work together to make a fabulous design!

Of course you’ll think of your own special ways to adapt this design idea. I’ve used white, vintage glass ovals for the necklace “chain” – you could use any stones on your workbench. I do love that the white ovals are vintage glass – there’s no new manufacturing footprint, and the stones really are lovely.

Pair the “chain” with your favorite pendant – adapt this idea to your own special style. Save money and make new, original jewelry!

Red and White Earrings – new view on a model!

Okay, not a model – a mannequin. But she’s close to life size, so this gives you a good idea of the scale of these vintage glass stones, and how they actually look *as earrings*. (Yes both stones are vintage – the red 10x8mm ovals are from the 1960s, and the white 18x12mm teardrops were made in post-war Japan.)

I’ve said it before – and had several customers say it to me – why we love vintage so much. For one thing these are very pretty glass stones! And the (other) best part – there’s no additional carbon footprint. These are already made. Good for the planet – and great for DIY jewelry!

Amethyst Vintage Glass Stones – BOGO sale!

These are some of my favorite glass jewels – sheer amethyst purple 12mm x 10mm ovals. The color is great, and you know I love vintage stones. No extra carbon footprint that hurts our planet! But I’m selfish too – these are just beautiful.

At 12x10mm (approx. 1/2″ x 3/8″) they are great for an oval pendant – and earring components. And from today through midnight on Monday, March 12, 2023, when you buy one pair of these vintage jewels, you can get a second pair free! (Or send me a note and request another pair of gems, equal or lesser value. I’ll dicker!)

Beautiful vintage gems. A great component for jewelry gifts or for sale. You’ll love them!

Red and White Vintage Glass Stones for DIY Jewelry Designs

Red and white is a terrific color combination – crisp and clean and the colors really pop! And these stones make wonderful elements for do it yourself earrings.

These opaque glass gems are vintage – the white teardrops were made in postwar Japan. The cherry red oval stones are from the 1960s. It’s always great to use vintage components when you can find them. They’re beautiful, they’re unusual, and they create no extra carbon footprint being manufactured. This is a win!

Vintage Glass Jewels – Really :-)

Yes, that’s the name of this blog. It’s also the focus of my post this time! Faceted glass is pretty terrific anyway – adding sparkle and glam for a low cost. But vintage, well that’s extra special. These gems are great examples. Well cut, wonderful colors – and no extra carbon footprint.
My shop has many faceted glass beads and jewels – and many of them are a classic vintage style, but recently made. The faceted ovals in this pic truly are vintage glass jewels!

They’re fabulous for small oval pendants, or earring jewels, or glass connectors. They’re beautifully made. They’re super affordable. What can I say, I think you’ll love them!

Golden Topaz Vintage Glass Pendants – Clearance Sale!

These sheer golden topaz glass penants are on clearance sale in my Etsy shop. Now there’s a reason. When I pulled out my last packet of these pendants recently, I noticed many of them (okay, most) had tiny scratches on the ‘face’ – the top faceting. I didn’t even see the scratches until I was looking through my magnifying light. They’re small, and unobtrusive – but the scratches are there.

The scratches certainly wouldn’t stop me from using these pendants – and I’m pretty fussy. These are true vintage, somewhere over 50 years old. The original package they came in (and this is a very reliable vendor) had a telephone number that did *not* include an area code. So the pendants predate 1951. I love using vintage – we aren’t creating a new carbon footprint and that’s great. But even more, these are gorgeous, and yes they show their age a bit. I know it’s a cliche – but to me, that really adds to the charm!

Anyway if you’re looking for vintage glass gems, and you’re looking for golden topaz – these could be exactly what you need. Of course this is limited to stock on hand – when they’re gone, they’re gone. I think you’ll love them!