Black and orange jewels – Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this – a customer asked me to put together this combination of glass jewels and I think they are so cool!

black and orange glass jewels

It’s a little late to order them for Halloween this year – but hey, they’d be fun anytime. But I’ll def. remember this for next year – orange and black, black and orange, because Halloween is maybe the most fun holiday all year!

Happy Halloween to you guys 🙂

Red teardrop and silver filigree earrings

Here’s a pretty example of how you can combine a sparkling glass bead or jewel with a silver plated “ornament” (filigree, stamping, or charm) and make a fabulous pair of earrings – with very little effort!

red glass teardrop and silver filigree earrings

The silver filigrees are actually silver plated over brass – it’s good quality plating but much more affordable than solid sterling silver – and the style is modern and chic. The earring jewels are about 5/8″ high (the earrings are a bit under 2″ long, in total) – they’ve got a lot of presence but are still very lightweight and comfy (I’m very fond of comfy).

The components are available in my jewelry supplies shop but if you don’t see them, just send me a note and ask!

Affordable, pretty, sparkling – and did I mention easy to use? This is the way it’s supposed to be. Do it yourself – save money – and look great 🙂

Emerald glass gems – love this diamond jewel shape!

I’m so hoping to find more of these adorable emerald glass jewels. They’re vintage (from the 1950s I believe) rhinestone gems that measure about 15mm x 10mm (about 5/8″ x 3/8″). So they’re large enough to be noticed, but not heavy, and they make wonderful delicate pendants and earrings. And the shape! Emerald diamonds – what a great concept 🙂

emerald green diamond glass jewels

Aren’t those lovely? Totally great for Christmas earrings – or holiday parties – or May birthstones (because emerald. You know.) But they don’t cost like emeralds – they’re glass. They didn’t mess up the earth when they were dug up – and they won’t mess up your wallet, either.

Win win win 🙂

Vintage 1970s Brown Boots

Here’s a great example of why we love vintage – brown leather and suede, faux shearling, totally fab boots:

vintage brown suede and leather boots

You know that brown is one of the important colors this fall. And these are GOOD boots. Probably better made than their brand-new counterparts (certainly for the uber reasonable price of $74 plus shipping). And they’re distinctive enough that you aren’t going to see them everywhere you go. I’d wear them with jeans, with dresses, with skirts – but honestly they are just made to go with a short skirt. Okay, plus tights – it’ll be winter soon.

Make that a very short skirt. You know you’ll look great!

I found this treasure at Starlet Vintage, a darling vintage boutique on Etsy. Joanne, the shop owner/curator, has a great eye – and she gives you the detailed info and clear pics you need to make a good buying decision.

Go there. You’ll thank me. And if these boots are your size? I think you’re going to be a very happy shopper. This is a win!

Emerald glass gems – and color :-)

I was talking about clear glass gems earlier – as a counterpoint now, go for rich color – and you can still experiment with different shapes and tones 🙂

emerald green oval glass gems with pink glass octagons and colorado topaz glass rivolis

See? Really I’m just encouraging you to experiment. Try different shapes and colors. Don’t spend a lot of money. Do it yourself really IS a good idea 🙂

(and if you’re looking for something – but can’t find it – drop me a note, I might be able to help!)

Clear glass cabochon jewels

I wanted to point out a little concept that you’ve thought of lots of times – when you’re looking at your wardrobe. It’s true with jewelry too. Have one basic neutral, and you can add lots of different colors – no, not all at once! (well…. hmmmm….)

But not right now. Right now I wanted to show you a quick idea. A clear jewel – no color at all – just a bit of sparkle. Add a bit of color. Voila: new combo.

clear glass gems combined with light colorado topaz... neutral party jewels

These are really pretty together. And would be great for the holidays – night or day. They’d complement your outfit, without shouting (you’ll try other combos, for that). And they’ll look good.

Buy, or scrounge, or thrift, or swap, so you’ve got a few neutral bases (like these clear teardrops) – then add fun little bits to them. Instant jewelry wardrobe for not much money or work.

This is a win 🙂

Vintage Top and Skirt Set, and Wowza!

Now this is a killer outfit! This hot little number is a top and skirt set, 1960s vintage, good for year-round wear (okay, maybe not the hottest summer days, but otherwise). Plus size for curvy girls. And it will take you ANYWHERE.

vintage blue plus size top and skirt set

Wear it as shown with black pumps, or tights and boots. Wear it with flip-flops. Wear it with pearls, or not. It’ll look good day or night 🙂

I found this star at Luvsick Vintage and you totally want to go there. The shop owner, Britteny, gives you good clear pics and the info you need to make smart online purchases.

And this outfit is ON SALE even! There’s a flaw on the top, you can see it in her last pic. You’ll want to (1) wear a scarf which of course would be great anyway, or (2) wear a jacket (business professional stuff), or (3) ignore it because mostly people won’t even notice. When you’re wearing this, you think they’re looking at a snag in the fabric? Yeah, not so much. They’re looking at you 🙂

Like I said, anywhere anytime, this will work for you. You need this outfit!

Pink Glass Gems and Jewels

I wanted to show you a few of the pink glass gems I’ve gotten in my shop this fall. They’re gorgeous “as is” – and combined with crystal or burgundy, aqua or peridot – or black! – they’re just fab 🙂

light pink glass gems and jewels in my jewelry supplies shop

More shapes coming soon – and more pics, too (now that I’ve thought of the pink-with-black, I have to try it!)

Girly, soft color – affordable do-it-yourself luxury – you know what I’m going to say. This is a win 🙂

Amethyst purple faceted glass beads

I have to confess: I got these gorgeous amethyst glass teardrop cabochons by accident. They aren’t the ones I ordered – and now I’m hoping I can get (a lot) more. They are beautiful!

amethyst purple faceted glass teardrop cabochon beads

The vendor was supposed to send me smaller square amethyst beads. These came instead. And I’ve already asked them to send me more. Cross your fingers!

Clear cushion cut glass beads

And they go with everything. I recently got in a large packet of these adorable clear glass cushion cut beads – so I can offer them at a great price. They have no color at all – but somehow, the gentle glow or sparkle (depending on the setting) can make them the “Little Black Dress” of your jewelry collection.

clear cushion cut glass cabochon beads

You don’t look like you’re trying too hard – but you’re wearing a chic little pair of earrings or minimalist pendant that you can wear anywhere, anytime.

And they’re on sale! Yes, this is a win 🙂