Opaque Red Cabochon Stones for DIY necklace

I don’t often do “matching” stones in a necklace – I usually prefer variations in color, size, shape. But sometimes, stones that match can be fun!

cherry red glass cabochon stones available in my online jewelry supplies shop,

Sometimes, just sometimes, you want the gorgeous texture and shape to be the same – to highlight the beautiful color. These vintage stones are fabulous!

Now honestly, this is a simple idea – use matching stones in two different sizes to make a terrific necklace. And also of course, you can use different colors, shapes, and textures – make the idea your own. That’s what makes DIY so fabulous!

Pink Glass Gems for Spring 2022

Just for a minute, let’s look past Christmas and think about next year. Next springtime. Warm weather and sunny skies. Hey, it’s a nice thought!

light rose pink glass gems for sale in my online jewelry supplies shop,

Now of course the important thing is that these are lovely glass jewels – anytime. And maybe you like to think of gifts to make for next year, or earrings for you or your customers that aren’t meant for the holiday season. These gems are light and filled with sparkling facets and flattering color.

Click on the pic (it’s a link) – you might find the perfect shape and size glass gem you need!

Vintage Glass Pears or Teardrops – now available!

I love vintage glass jewels (note the name of this blog!) The quality tends to be high, and the fact that there is no additional manufacturing footprint just makes these gems more attractive.

vintage glass gems for sale in my online jewelry supplies shop,

Honestly the only downside in my eyes is that these gems are often not re-orderable. I have a couple of very reliable suppliers of vintage jewelry supplies, and I love them – but they can only find what they can find. So if you have your eye on a particular style / color of vintage glass beads or gem in my shop, you might not to wait too long – they are available “as long as supplies last”.

As always, if there’s something particular you’re looking for – I might (still) have some – it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Great DIY jewelry – using vintage glass jewels – is the best!