Vintage black and white sundress

And here’s a(nother) terrific example of why I love vintage. Is this dress not adorable?

vintage black and white sundress from Reds Vintage Threads

True, it isn’t really old vintage. It’s only 20 or 30 years old. Somehow that doesn’t bother me (and yes I’m being a little snarky). It’s a totally cool dress – literally and figuratively. It would be uber flattering. It would be comfy. And I’d have to doublecheck the fabric but I bet it’s washable too. Ergo: the perfect summer dress. Not too dressy – but pretty – can be worn anywhere and feel as good as it looks.

And it’s – you are not going to believe this – it is $15.00. Fifteen dollars! It’s available from Reds Vintage Threads vintage shop on Etsy – and Maegan, the owner, has LOTS of goodies there.

Like I said – totally of the good – go shopping!

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