Crystal post earrings…a classic!

Well okay, these are not post earrings, yet. They are the classic rhinestone octagon jewels that will be post earrings as soon as you add the posts. But come on, that’s just a detail 🙂

crystal octagon beads in no ring silver settings for stud or button earrings

Even if you (usually) like chandelier, dangling earrings, there are times when you want a small, comfortable earring that sits there quietly and still looks fabulous. Maybe you’re having a Serious Meeting (with conservative types). Or meeting your (possibly conservative) in-laws. Or you just don’t want your earrings hanging down while you chop firewood for your cabin. (Hey! guy in the back! women can cut firewood, you know.)

My point? find some earring posts and some jewelry glue (use the good stuff). Add posts to these flat-back settings. You will have created a simple, classic pair of earrings that will be in style for approximately 40 centuries. (Yes I’m exaggerating, except I’m not because these will always be in style.)

Seriously. Always.

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