A *new* “how to rearrange on Etsy”

Over at Etsy, they’ve revised the New Layout. Rearrange is a lot easier now for sellers 🙂 Here’s how it works:

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First, go to Your Shop / Shop Settings / Options

On the “options” page, under “Rearrange Your Shop”, you have the choice of:

“Enabled” – if this button is clicked, you will be able to “Custom Sort” your items – putting them anywhere you want;
“Disabled” means your items will show according to Recency – the items you’ve just listed will always show up first.

If you want to be able to rearrange any kind of way (other than the “most recent” on top), you need to click on “Enable” – so you can custom sort.

Then be sure to Save that (you’re still on the Options page).

Then to back to your Shop front page, and click on Edit Shop, and then Rearrange Items. After the first 24 items, you’ll see page numbers (and every listing will have its own number). You can click on any page number, find an item, and click on the item – then click on a page number to put that item on that page.

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So they really were listening to the peeps that said Guys, this ain’t working!

Props to Etsy!

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