Aqua Glass Jewels, Part Two

This post is just bragging – I’ve recently gotten some more aqua glass jewels and I’m just in love with this color. Call it aqua – or turquoise – it’s gorgeous!

Aqua glass beads and jewels in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop

Yes, these are all available in my Etsy online store. I’ve got more than just the ones shown in the pic above – but I have to say, these are among my favorites.

The color is probably the most universally flattering jewel you can find (okay, except real, large-carat diamonds, and if you can afford those it doesn’t matter what color your clothing is). And it looks good year-round: turquoise and a summer tan? Winner. Turquoise with black and white, or tan and cream, in winter? Bingo. Win-win.

Affordable, flattering, gorgeous: aqua jewels. Do it yourself and save – and look GOOD. (Yes, that could be my tagline!)

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