Black Beaded Vintage Dress

And here you have a vavoom example of why vintage is so great – take a look at this fabulous dress!

black beaded vintage dress

It’s gorgeous, for one thing. It’s got a great flirty style. It would look darling with black stilettos as shown – or the barest black sandals. You could wear it right now for a fancy summer party. You could absolutely wear it for New Year’s Eve. And you are NOT going to see ten of them at the party. You will be Unique – which is (one of the) main things to love about vintage.

I found this adorable dress at Shabby Babe Vintage on Etsy, and believe me you are going to want to shop there. Heather, the owner/curator (and model!) has got a great eye for Finds. She tells you the good *and* the bad about her items – and that’s so important when you’re buying something online. She gives GOOD pics – the details you need to know.

She loves vintage. You can tell. And if you’re like me, you do too. Go there. You’ll thank me.

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