Vivid Glass Jewels – a jewelry design idea for you to adapt!

I wanted to show off these vivid glass jewels in bright colors – ruby red and sapphire blue. As shown here, these are examples of how you can combine strong primary colors – and it works.

This earring design idea could use other colors and shapes, of course. I think the balance of small, sapphire rounds (these are vintage) and larger faceted ruby red ovals is a combination that works. Try your own ideas, grab colors and shapes from your workroom or (of course) see what other jewels I have available!

Do it yourself jewelry is just a great, useful idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – and you can create whatever you want. That’s the way it’s supposed to be!

Emerald green glass stones – and a BOGO sale!

emerald green glass stones

Find these emerald green vintage glass teardrops, and emerald 8x8mm diamond shape (or diagonal square) glass gems here:
my Weekendjewelry1 jewelry supplies shop on Etsy

And just for fun, I’m having a aecret BOGO sale – buy one, get one free! Make any purchase in my shop, small or large, and you can get a free pair of jewels, or pendant, for free! Just mention this blog post when you order – and let me know what freebie you want. Offer good through midnight on Monday, February 20, 2023. Happy hunting!

Aqua and aquamarine blue – the birthstone color for March!

And as long as I’m thinking of birthstone colors (see previous post!) – March is not that far off! I’ve got quite a few aqua glass jewels in my shop but I wanted to take a minute to highlight a few of the terrific sheer aqua glass gems I have in stock right now:


I know I mentioned that amethyst purple is popular year round. Which is true – but amethyst has nothing on aqua! Aqua blue is one of the most popular colors – or even the most popular (emerald is high on that list too). It’s flattering on – well I was going to say every skin tone. I think that’s actually true: aqua is flattering to every skin tone. Light, dark, sallow, peachy, pale… you name your skin color, you can wear aqua! I’m astonished that more retailers don’t capitalize on that.

Of course they have to continue to sell new merchandise that changes every season, so we’ll just let that go. But believe me – you look good in aqua!

Happy New Year!

Celebrating the start of the new year! That’s the most important thing to say: I hope you all have a healthy, prosperous, happy, fun, new year for you and yours!

P.S. And let’s see if we can up the “kindness quotient” everywhere. It helps!

New Earring Design Idea!

The whole idea with this new do-it-yourself earring design idea, is to combine new colors and shapes. Of course the samples shown here are just that – samples. But I do like the way they complement each other!

I’ve combined sapphire glass pears, emerald 8x8mm diamonds (okay diagonal squares), and olivine green 8mm rounds with rivoli faceting. Three different but complementary colors, and three different shapes. You’ll have your own ideas. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

What will your favorite combinations be? I’d love to see them!

Light Colorado Topaz Glass Gems – a BOGO sale!

This is a “buy one get one free” offer on all the light colorado topaz glass gems (or beads, or jewels – what name do you use?) in my shop. Just in case you want to doublecheck, that’s Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy. Just for, you know, reference 🙂

The color named “light colorado topaz” is WONDERFUL. A golden tan, not too dark, that catches the light, especially with this terrific faceting. And it’s flattering for pretty much every skin tone.

It’s one of the “undiscovered” colors in a way – not as well known as red or blue, for example – and it’s gorgeous. So this is your chance to get two-for-one!

From today through Saturday, September 17, 2022, when you buy any colorado topaz glass gems, you can get another pair free. Just mention this blog post when you order! (Of course this is good for faceted pendants as well. Your choice!)

Black diamond glass gems in a new earring design!

This earring design features neutral, faceted glass gems that look good all year round! That’s one of the perks of wearing “neutral” jewelry. You don’t have to match your outfit – though of course that’s fun too. Think about it – these deep gray earrings would look good with blue, with red, with emerald green, with white. Gray goes with pretty much everything!

And now that I think of it – the mannequin “model” I use is close to life size, so very useful that way. And her hair is reddish brown. But now I wish I had a wig for her in gray, or white! Because more people are choosing to let themselves go gray – or dying their hair gray/white, why not? It looks fabulous!

If (when!) I get a gray wig for my model I will definitely be showing off jewelry on her. Stay tuned! And in the meantime – remember that neutral glass jewels, neutral jewelry, works with every skin color, every hair color, year round. That’s a major win!

P.S. If you look closely you’ll see that these black diamond jewels are not the exact same shade. Close, but not exact. And that is totally all right. Everything does NOT have to be matchy-matchy. Best thing I’ve heard today!

Golden Topaz Glass Gems – the November birthstone!

These gorgeous, warm golden topaz octagons are vintage glass – my favorite kind of jewel. As you can see, the faceting is beautiful – and the clarity. And these are true vintage, with no new carbon footprint!

I don’t know exactly how old these stones are. The package they came in, with original paper wrapping, had a New York telephone number imprinted on the paper. And the phone number had no area code. So these jewels predate area codes. I had to look it up: the official rollout of area codes in the U.S. took place on November 10, 1951. So – these are over 70 years old! Yes, the paper looks that old. I can’t prove it but it’s pretty small potatoes to fake, yknow? I mean – a package of glass stones? Why would someone bother?

So I feel pretty comfortable saying “true vintage”. And there’s no guesswork at all in seeing how beautiful these are. Not to mention – topaz is the November birthstone. Just saying!

Christmas in July – BOGO Sale!

Okay, I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but “Christmas in July” from a Seller’s point of view is a good idea. For one thing, it reminds us (ahead of time) that Christmas is a thing, and we need to be getting ready for either buying gifts or making gifts. And again from a seller’s point of view, it helps our customers think of stuff they need to make – or buy!

And I’m also late with this – I meant to announce my “Christmas in July” sale on the first of the month! But, well, life got busy, and family stuff, and crazy world these days, and you know how that goes.

So: all the red and green jewels in my shop – the traditional Christmas colors – are available in a BOGO sale. Buy one pair, get one pair free. Buy one pendant, get one free. You just have to send me a “note to seller” when you buy, and tell me what freebie you want!

Offer is good through Sunday, July 31, 2022, and limited to supplies on hand. Which right now I’ve got a good supply of, but then again, there’s a BOGO sale on right now. So hey, go shopping now and get some great deals!

Sapphire Glass Beads and Gems – on sale!

Sapphire blue is definitely one of the customer favorite colors in my Etsy shop. This isn’t a new concept – sapphire is probably one of the universally popular colors. Year round, for special occasions, you name it.

And the sapphire blue stones in my shop are on sale right now! Buy any pair of sapphire glass gems – and get a second pair free. Buy a sapphire blue pendant – and get a second pendant for free. You can dicker on which freebie you get, too. Just remember the phrase “equal or lesser value”. You get the idea 🙂

All you have to do is buy an item, then send a “note to seller” to tell me which freebie you want. This sale is good through midnight on July 7, 2022 – and of course only while supplies last. Great for gifts for your mom, your bff, and even for yourself!