Sapphire Glass Beads and Gems – on sale!

Sapphire blue is definitely one of the customer favorite colors in my Etsy shop. This isn’t a new concept – sapphire is probably one of the universally popular colors. Year round, for special occasions, you name it.

And the sapphire blue stones in my shop are on sale right now! Buy any pair of sapphire glass gems – and get a second pair free. Buy a sapphire blue pendant – and get a second pendant for free. You can dicker on which freebie you get, too. Just remember the phrase “equal or lesser value”. You get the idea 🙂

All you have to do is buy an item, then send a “note to seller” to tell me which freebie you want. This sale is good through midnight on July 7, 2022 – and of course only while supplies last. Great for gifts for your mom, your bff, and even for yourself!

Multi Stone Glass Beads – Customize These!

One of the most popular styles of pendant and earring glass jewels in my shop are multi-stone glass gems. These can be ovals, teardrops, octagons – the jewels shown here are just examples of the styles you can find.

First, remember that most of the stones I have available in my shop can be fitted into one of these multi stone settings. Any 18mm x 13mm pear, for example, would fit into the style shown at the lower right. Any 10mm x 8mm octagon can be set into the setting shown at upper right. And on and on.

So in that sense, these can be customized. Even more, you can pick the color of the tiny stones from a long list of colors I have available (see the ‘Variations’ on each listing, to learn about those colors). So if your favorite colors are yellow and purple, you can request those colors in these multi stone settings! And – this is a popular option – your earrings or pendants can match your bridesmaid colors.

Just send me a note and let me know the custom colors you need!

More Glass Connector Links

Let’s take a look at more glass connector links available in my shop right now. I deliberately chose a few neutral, non-vivid colors this time. Subtle colors are just as useful as brights. Both are worth trying! And hey, maybe combine them in your own inspired design. Black with red. Garnet with emerald. Play with ideas!

Again -and as always, if there’s a shape and color you want, and can’t find – let me know, I might have some! Or know where to find some. Hey, can’t hurt to ask!

More blue glass gems on sale!

Yesterday I mentioned the sale I’m having right now for any blue glass jewels in my shop. I just wanted to show you a few more shapes that are still available 🙂

Yes, it’s still a “Buy one get one free” sale. Order any one pair, or pendant – and you can get another pair or pendant, for free. Just remember to mention this blog post in the Notes to Seller when you order. That’s all you have to do for your freebie!

This offer is good through Tuesday, April 12, 2022, and is limited to supplies on hand. Have fun shopping!

Glass Jewels – Vintage and New – in gorgeous colors!

I just wanted to show off a new montage of glass jewels I have in my shop – some of these are vintage (love those best!) and some are new – all are well faceted and gorgeous.

These are each placed in multi-stone settings – and one of the perks of this style is that you can choose the color of the tiny stones. So you can color coordinate with, just for example, your bridesmaid colors. Or your customer’s favorites. You choose the combo you like best – we can do that!

Pretty glass gems in two jewel settings – color coordinated as you like best. And – just wanted to mention – click on the link above and you’ll find many more colors and shapes to choose from.

Check back soon to see more!

Faceted Glass Charms for DIY Jewelry

These multi-stone glass charms have two faceted glass jewels – 13x7mm pears, and tiny 4mm rhinestones. You can choose the color of the tiny stones, so you can really customize these earring drops. They’re small(ish), so they’re lightweight and comfortable – but they have plenty of sparkle and presence.

They’re wonderful for earrings – or as components in pendant focals.

multistone glass gems available through my through to see more colors

These are just one more example of how you can make earrings using your own style, colors, and design. These are components – you’ll use them the way that works best for you!

Sapphire Vintage Glass Gems – September birthstone

Sapphire blue is always a customer favorite – year round. And these pretty sapphire blue glass gems are also the rich gorgeous color of the September birthstone.

sapphire blue glass gems for earrings, glass connectors, pendants, and of course the September birthstone

The combination of sapphire blue, vintage glass diamond shape gems with slender teardrop or pear stones is perfect for earrings with a lot of presence – but not a lot of weight. I love gorgeous earrings that aren’t heavy!

These might be just the style that your best friend, or your mom, or you would love – and customers love them too. Just saying!

And oops, I meant to post this earlier, for timely September birthday gifts. But it’s still a good idea to mention – for your September birthday girls – but also Christmas. And, well, just for you!

Glass jewel earring styles – in multi stone settings

“Multi stone settings” are a great way to customize your jewelry. As you can see in the examples shown below, there are several different styles you can select – and in almost all cases, you can also choose the colors of the jewels you prefer!

faceted glass earring and pendant jewels in multi stone settings

The small octagon setting at lower right could have, for example, red octagons – and emerald green tiny stones, just for Christmas fun! The teardrop earrings could be in crystal-with-crystal gems for a bride – or deep amethyst teardrops with pink tiny round stones. Lovely!

You get the idea – you can easily customize these colors and styles to suit your mom, your bestie, or your customer. And it’s so much fun to play with colors!

And I almost forgot – when you order, mention this post and get a BOGO (buy one pair, get one free) deal, good through Sunday, September 12, 2021. Just saying!

Peridot Glass Gems – BOGO sale!

And these are more peridot glass gems in my shop right now:

They’re also part of the BOGO (buy one get one free) sale through Saturday, August 14, 2021 – when you buy peridot glass gems from my Etsy shop, you can get a free pair or pendant. Send me a note to tell me which freebie you want (and click on the pic to find more styles available).

Just thought I’d show them off!

Peridot and Aqua DIY Earrings

This is just a quick note that, drum roll, color is wonderful! Use it. Try it. Play with it!

The earrings shown here combine three (slightly) different colors from peridot to light blue to aqua. Of course you could use any combination of colors – the point is, to try ideas. Some of them won’t work, but some of them will be wonderful!