Vintage Orange Cardigan Sweater

Now this is what I call a great year-round find. I’m pretty much looking for spring and summer stuff right now, naturally, and this totally caught my eye. Did I mention Audrey Hepburn lately?

vintage orange cardigan sweater from fairseason vintage shop on Etsy

So yes, it made me think of Audrey. With ballet flats maybe. And this cardigan and gray cami top, and a white circle skirt? Yes. Ballet flats. Maybe a little pearl choker, maybe not.

See how vintage clothing can be inspiring? I saw this color and loved it. Then my imagination kind of took over.

This is available from Fairseason on Etsy and if it happens to be gone when you go look, believe me there are lots of other goodies you’re going to want to see. Did I mention the bodycon denim cami dress for (wait for it) $27.00?

Yes, you really need to go look. This shop is a find!

Blue Zircon Glass Jewels

Glass jewels. Rhinestone jewels. Glass beads. Nomenclature is interesting. And hey, these are such a luscious color!

blue zircon octagon jewels in my Etsy shop

I just found these again and I feel like I won a prize. They look good on practically every woman – dark or light skin, young or old – and the faceted octagon shape is reminiscent of jewelers’ emerald cut: very classy. And they were very popular last time I had them. So yeah, I feel good about scoring some more 🙂

Yes they’re in my Etsy shop!

Vintage Green Dress

That simple title doesn’t do this dress justice. This cute little garment could be a summer classic!

Vintage sleeveless full skirted green dress

This is a good, maybe great, basic spring or summer dress. You could wear it on a cool evening with a little cashmere cardigan, or white bolero, fitted. You might add a black patent leather belt, and white button earrings. Or, go to the other side of the Force, and envision Madonna in the 80s – okay, this would have been costume dressing for her, but so what? Find some BIG hoop earrings, and bare bare stilettos, or gladiator sandals, or go back to Audrey and Givenchy and wear ballet flats.

I’d add a crinoline, myself. Talk about making your waist look smaller – just add a petticoat. Big fluffy twirly hem plus fitted waist equals SMALL waist. Us girls are clever that way.

It’s available from Dusk Till Dawn Vintage and not only is this shop full of terrific goodies, but they are AFFORDABLE goodies. A secretary’s top that looks good – for $8.00. Vintage cowboy boots for $45.00. You get the idea. Even if these treasures are gone soon (and they will be) – this shop has a rep for good value and great finds.

I mean, talk about win-win. And this green dress? Okay, if not black patent, how about bright red? Button earrings. Bangle bracelets. Big straw hat. Jackie sunglasses. Love it.

Crystal Diamond (shape) Glass Jewels

Somebody asked me recently what was my own favorite jewel – and of course that changes by the day! But it got me thinking. If I had to pick just one glass jewel from my entire collection – as the personal favorite that I’d wear anytime – it would be these 10mm x 10mm crystal jewels:

crystal 10mm diamond jewels from my glass bead etsy shop

Why, I (almost) heard you ask? Easy peasy. They’re sparkly. The silver settings add an extra bit of light around the face, and that’s always good. They’re not super dangly, but they always have a nice presence without being heavy (visually or weight-wise, and personally I don’t like to wear heavy earrings!)

And they’re pretty. And they go with everything from jeans to gowns. And they’re sparkly. And they always look classy.

They aren’t my most expensive glass beads – or my cheapest, either. But if I had to pick one pair? Yeah, I think it’d be these 😉

PS Oh! These aren’t vintage – they’re new. I call them “classic”. Because they are!