Amethyst Glass Jewels

Amethyst is another one of those rhinestone colors that’s popular, beautiful – and maddening. Take a look at these examples. They are all “deep amethyst purple glass jewels”. You’d think that would be pretty much the same color but you know, not so much.

amethyst glass jewels in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop

You see what I mean? Beautiful colors (and yes they’re available in my Etsy shop). And they really are amethyst purple, with rich deep color. And they are all different colors. I know it must get confusing sometimes!

Fortunately they really are lovely colors – and they don’t have to all be matchy-matchy to look great together.

(But still…a little confusing, maybe?)

Vintage Embroidered Purse

This embroidered vintage bag is pretty, it’s fun, and it can totally make your summer outfits 🙂

vintage embroidered bag

vintage embroidered bag - view 2

Love the colors – and the embroidered heron bird! And on the practical side, it’s big enough to hold your necessary stuff (about 10″ x 9″) but small enough that it’s not going to weigh a lot. You could dress it up (imagine with a white or red cheongsam!) – or down, with your basic white tank and cutoffs. You see what I mean.

And? It is super affordable – only $15.00! I found it in a lovely Etsy shop called Thrifthound 2000 and the owner has LOTS of fabulous buys. I mean, a black tank bodycon jumpsuit for $14.00, wear it if you dare! And more. Lots of goodies, lots of bargains, and bottom line? Cool, unusual, vintage, and affordable.

This is a win 😉

DIY Jewelry Storage

This isn’t a new idea – but it’s so beautifully illustrated here, I just wanted to share.

DIY jewelry storage using cutlery trays

Super organized – and as a bonus, attractive do-it-yourself jewelry storage! I love the way this makes a wall display – and at the same time lets you see your accessories. If you can’t find it, you can’t wear it!

So: go to the dollar store – or find used trays at garage sales – bonus points for recycling and rethinking! Anyway – find one or three cutlery trays, or if you have a lot of jewelry, make more than one column. Show off your jewelry, get organized, and have a fabulous wall graphic all at the same time.

(And it’l cost you, what – $3.00? $6.00? Talk about a win-win!)

P.S. Yes, I found this over on Pinterest. Love!