Vintage home decor – a copper teapot

And such a find! it’s not new. It’s got history. It’s gorgeous.

vintage copper teapot from Ratty and Catty

And yes, it’s not in perfect condition – there is tarnish – and a dent. This wouldn’t interfere with its function – and to me, doesn’t interfere with its beauty, either. This happy little teapot has character. How cool if we can give it more life, and let it into ours.

I found it over at Ratty and Catty over on Etsy – and by the way, with a name like that, I’m already inclined to love the place. But I don’t need to be inclined – they’ve got some yummy vintage treasures for the home and for you. And they ship worldwide, which not every vintage shop does.

They also give clear photos and details about the condition of each piece. That is such a valuable trait! And hey – the aforementioned teapot even comes with its own trivet, to protect your pretty little coffee table. (It’s vintage too, right?)


A fabulous vintage bag for fall

Now this is what I call a terrific bag. It’s vintage – which you know is a major plus in my book. It’s a versatile, go-with-everything color – even when it doesn’t match (and who wants to be matchy-matchy anyway?) it looks good.

vintage tan leather bag at Rocky Springs Vintage

It’s super affordable. It’s roomy without being so huge it’s going to be too heavy to enjoy.

I found this great bag over at Rocky Springs Vintage. Not only does the owner, Gail, have some fabulous finds – and she really does – but her tagline is “We are all about rescuing, preserving and recycling.”

You know I love that! And you do too. And you are going to love her shop!

Sapphire and Crystal Rhinestone Beads

One of the prettiest new combinations in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop! These glass jewels make perfect Do-it-Yourself earrings for hmm….. your bridesmaids? Your homecoming dance? Just because?

sapphire blue and crystal glass teardrop jewels available at Weekendjewelry1 at Etsy

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Just because. Add a pair of earwires and you’re good to go. And they cost you less than $5.00. And you can have them set in golden or patina brass, too. So: easy to use, inexpensive, and available in other colors for that matter. If you ever wondered why to DIY – well, that’s why.

Plus – pretty, girly, feminine. Those are good reasons too 🙂

P.S. Sapphire blue – September birthstone – just sayin 🙂

DIY jewelry storage – part three. I think.

This isn’t a new idea – but the picture is such a clear (and pretty) illustration of what we can do for cheap or even free, I wanted to share 🙂

do it yourself jewelry storage and organization

I’m not sure if this was a recycled drawer or tray – I found the pic on Pinterest but when I clicked through, the link was dead. (If it’s your pic, let me know, please? so I can give you credit!)

But the idea is clear. Cut cardboard to make dividers for a shallow drawer or tray or box. I’m in favor of the box – it’ll probably be free.

Spray paint the whole thing white or some other color you love. I’d polyurethane it, after – to make sure it’s waterproof. Let it dry. Let it dry some more.

Place your jewelry in the little compartments. Stick the whole thing in a drawer. Presto: organized storage. Practically free. Win!