Glass jewels – colors are interesting :-)

This was just a little exercise – I had requests for these two different styles of oval duos (the bottom jewels in this pic). And I had some “white opal” glass octagons nearby.

whiite opal glass jewels with rhinestone ovals in colors

The lighting here was the same for both pics, and except for tiny variations it’s hard to avoid while processing, these ought to look very much the same except for the different colors on the larger ovals. And yet the eye sees a bit more difference. Maybe it’s the tiny aqua rhinestones – but the jewel combo “earring” on the left just seems brighter, even with the navy blue. And the amethyst combo on the right appears smokier, more antique.

I’ll be curious to see what other people think 🙂

(Yes, these are all available in my Etsy shop – separately anyway. If you don’t see them, just holler!)

Navy blue glass jewels – or montana sapphire

It’s amazing how fresh this color looks for spring. Why haven’t we seen more navy blue, excuse me, montana sapphire, lately? I’ve had several people ask if I had some of these beads – probably because I really encourage my customers to ask me when they’re hunting for some rhinestones or glass jewels and just can’t find them. Sometimes I can’t either – but lots of times I can 🙂

montana sapphire or navy blue glass jewel pendant and earring jewels

See what I mean? Fresh and clean looking. The color doesn’t shout but it’s really good. And of course, it goes with almost everything.

Like I’ve said before: good looking, quality materials, easy to use, affordable. This is a win 🙂