Stud Earring Jewels

Sometimes you just want to wear a tiny earring – a little sparkle, a little color, but not dangling, not In Your Face – just pretty. Like these 🙂

classic rhinestone and vintage glass stud earring jewels

And yes, I have more colors available in my Etsy shop. Or just ask, if there’s a color and shape you’re looking for – I might have it, or know where to find it.

Really the point is, is that an earring doesn’t have to be massive to be fun. Sometimes little is just right 😉

How to REARRANGE on Etsy

My main jewelry supplies store is Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy. Like many Etsy sellers, I’ve been struggling a bit to figure out how to rearrange my shop items in the new mobile-friendly layout.

And now that I have it mostly figured out, I thought it might be a good idea to share (and save!) the method:

1. Click on “Edit Shop”
2. Go to the bottom of your first 24 items and click on “More Items”. Repeat as needed, till they’re all available in one long page.
3. Now go back to the top and click on “REARRANGE”.
4. A number will appear in the upper right corner of every listing. Find the listing you want to move to your No. 1 slot – and type 1.
5. Hit Enter. Presto – your fisrt item is now in your Number 1 slot.
6. Repeat with your Number 2 choice. And Number 3, and etc.
7. View Shop when you’ve moved all the items you want to.

Your items should now be in their new positions. (Okay, it works for me – send me a note if you need help!)

Rhinestones and charms – easy earring design

I just wanted to show another quick example of how combining rhinestones and simple charms can make stunning earrings. You don’t have to fuss for a long time! Or spend a lot of money.

amethyst rhinestones with silver plated leaf charms

See? This is not a new idea or anything, it’s just a fun example of what you can do. A bit of color – a bit of silver or gold. Link these with simple jump rings, add an earwire, and you’ve got a lightweight, pretty dangly earring.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s fun 🙂

1960s Yellow Vintage Dress

You know I think vintage is just the best. And this dress is a terrific example of why. You could wear it anywhere, you could work or play. You could meet his mom in it, you could go shopping with your buds, and you would look right each time. I mean, that’s not easy to do.

1960s yellow cotton vintage summer dress

See what I mean? This dress is EASY. It looks like something you could just toss on, don’t think about it for a minute. Grab some shoes – high heeled sandals, or flip-flops. Or little ballet flats. Whatever. Add a pair of earrings (not that I’m biased towards earrings or anything) and you’re done, dressed, ready to go anywhere and look good.

Okay, maybe add an armful of bangle bracelets.

And did I mention? It is NOT SMALL. It is a size 12 or 14 or 16, depending on who sized it and when (you know vintage isn’t always the same as now.)

I found this darling dress at ShopBTMV on Etsy. The shop’s only been open for a year, and already there are some great finds, fab dresses, and vintage accessories too if that’s your thing.

Go shopping. You’ll thank me.

PS There’s a black velvet grunge backless maxi dress that if it was my size? It would be gone already. Just saying.

Golden topaz glass jewels

Now these are fun! Pretty drops of golden glass in totally different shapes – combine them for a fab pair of earrings 🙂

golden topaz glass jewels in my Etsy shop

Yes, topaz is sometimes considered a “Fall” color – I guess because it’s the November birthstone. But it’s wonderful for Spring. Sunshine, longer days, golden yellow – these are light-filled summertime images for me.

Affordable pretty color – love it!

Crystal bridal necklace design

This is a design I love – and my customers have been pretty happy with it too 🙂 These crystal (glass) octagons are pointed back cabochons, glass jewels that measure 14mm x 10mm (approx. 5/8″ x 3/8″). They’re well faceted, sparkly, and feminine.

crystal octagon silver necklace

And here’s the even-cooler part. Take this same basic design, and instead of adding silver(y) chain, attach a clasp.

crystal octagon silver bracelet

And presto, you’ve got a gorgeous bracelet! Hint: try this. When you’re making the necklace, instead of adding the chain to the octagons with a jump ring – use spring rings instead. Made that way, you can attach the chain to the jump rings anytime you want to wear your necklace. Or you can leave the chain off, clasp the spring rings *to each other*, and wear your octagons as a bracelet! (I’ll do up a pic soon and add it here.)

Double sparkly goodness for your prom, your Saturday night date… or your wedding. Win!

Mother and Daughter dresses – a great Mother’s Day gift!

You know Mother’s Day is coming up – and I just lucked into finding these totally adorable, matching mother’s and daughter’s dresses at NaforA on Etsy.

mother and daughter matching dresses from NaforA on Etsy

The thing is, they are not only cute, and handmade, but they are versatile and actually wearable. They can be summer dresses “as is”. They can be winter tunics, with leggings and maybe long-sleeve tees underneath. The mom’s dress is not tight – you can use it as a maternity dress! Or a great-looking “I’m not feeling skinny today” dress. And be cute at the same time!

The shop owners, Halyna and Natalia, are a mother/daughter team themselves. They’re doing a bit of an update on their shop – and I think we’re going to love what they come up with. Go see for yourself!

And remember your mom this Mother’s Day. Really. It’s important 🙂

Glass jewels and beads from my Etsy shop

I haven’t done an “Etsy Mini” in a while – that’s sort of a snapshot, of some of the items currently available in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop. Here, take a peek!

That’s just a few of the 300 items I’ve got in my shop right now. And also – if there’s a glass jewel, maybe a color or shape you’re looking for and can’t find – just drop me a note. I might have some, or know where to find them.

Have fun!

DIY Jewelry Display / Stands – video

Loving these videos on YouTube that show some great ideas for how to make jewelry displays and stands on the cheap 🙂

I’m specially interested in the hanging displays. You could use those on your dresser – or adapt them for craft shows. Versatile and cheap and could be very cool!

Kudos to Karen’s Thrift Store Challenge and HGTV Handmade for these ideas! And a special thank-you for the idea of getting your supplies from thrift shops, so you’re inventing cool jewelry displays – and recycling and reusing – at the same time!

Crystal “diamond” glass jewels

As much as I love color, crystal jewels are always in style – and they always look good! Year round, day or night, a subtle small jewel or a bold chandelier or, well, you name it. Crystal is faceted glass and those facets reflect light, bringing sparkle and light to the person who’s wearing it.

crystal bridal jewels - glass diamond jewels!

Brides love them because they add a glow and touch of luxury to that very special day. Prom queens love them. I love them. You love them. Let’s get real – sparkle is fun. It looks good.

And in honor of April’s birthstone, these “glass diamond” crystal jewels have an added bonus – buy three pairs of crystal (white, clear, “diamond”) glass jewels in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop – any size or style – and you get a free gift. All you have to do is mention this blog post. The offer’s good all month, till midnight April 30, 2016.

Go for it 🙂