Earring Design Idea – Glass Cushion Cut Octagons and Pears

This DIY earring design idea came about because I had some jewels on my worktable and I was playing around. Isn’t that the way a lot of designs are born? I love using color, and the peridot green and sheer sapphire blue shown here are a classic combination. Which doesn’t matter at all – the only combination that matters is one that you like!

I think these really work well together though 🙂 You know you wear blue and green together a lot – well I do and I don’t think I’m weird (not about that anyway). The colors are complementary and they work! And these two shapes are a good combo too.

Do what I did – pull out some stones, gems and beads on your worktable, and try new combinations. You’ll find some that you love!

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