Emerald glass gems – love this diamond jewel shape!

I’m so hoping to find more of these adorable emerald glass jewels. They’re vintage (from the 1950s I believe) rhinestone gems that measure about 15mm x 10mm (about 5/8″ x 3/8″). So they’re large enough to be noticed, but not heavy, and they make wonderful delicate pendants and earrings. And the shape! Emerald diamonds – what a great concept 🙂

emerald green diamond glass jewels

Aren’t those lovely? Totally great for Christmas earrings – or holiday parties – or May birthstones (because emerald. You know.) But they don’t cost like emeralds – they’re glass. They didn’t mess up the earth when they were dug up – and they won’t mess up your wallet, either.

Win win win 🙂

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