Fabulous dress for fall – Vintage, of course

We were talking about dresses the other day – how they should be good-looking, and comfortable, and wearable for work (usually) and even for everyday, they should have a pizzaz. Also they shouldn’t cost a fortune. Also they should, preferably, be vintage, because that’s just better.

And! Here we are:

vintage gray dress - plus size, gorgeous, easy to wear

See, I told you true: this is a fabulous dress! Feminine – but not fussy. Great with flats or stilettos. Year round.

You’ll find it at Olivia’s Butterfly, a vintage shop on Etsy. And it is filled with wonderful goodies. Affordable. Wearable. You can tell that just by the pics and the staging: Kayla, the shop owner, knows how to show her items, how to photograph them and how to tell you about them. She tells it like it is, flaws if there are any, and her prices are major reasonable.

This is a find. You will want to visit this shop and bookmark it, and remember it when you’re shopping for yourself or for gifts.

Because this dress? could take you anywhere. A club. Dinner. Church. Paris. Seriously.

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