How – and why – to use a jump ring

Several time customers have asked me what’s the easy way to attach a glass jewel to a chain, to turn a “teardrop jewel” into a pendant. Jump rings are the quick, classic way. So I did a couple quick sketches, to illustrate more clearly than a few paragraphs could, how and why we use a jump ring.

a jump ring being used to attach a pendant to a chain

See what I mean? No long explanation needed. You open the jump ring (see next pic), slip it on the chain, and slip the little ring at the top of a jewel setting onto the ring. Then close the ring. Voila: your jewel is a pendant. You’ve got a necklace.

The second sketch shows the correct way to open the jump ring. It matters because if you open the ring sideways, it’s easy to close back up securely. If you stretch it wide – it’ll never get closed up properly again. The sketch helps explain 🙂

how to open a jump ring

See? Easy peasy. Open it sideways. Close it back up. There are tons of tutorials and videos over on YouTube if you want to go peek – but this is the basics they pretty much all cover. Jewelry Making 101 – and this simple bit of assembly knowledge will go a long way for you 🙂

PS The second pic is one I found – and I forgot to write down the link. If you know the original poster, would you let me know so I can give credit? Thank you!

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