One of my favorite Vintage Fashion Shops

I couldn’t resist, I had to go visit Look Again Vintage on Etsy again. Every time I go over there I find some goodies to fall in love with.

I mean, look at these!

Look Again Vintage red wool blazer
Fabulous Red Blazer from Look Again Vintage

Think how that would jazz up your winter wardrobe! Take any neutral – black, gray, navy, brown, winter white – and add this pop of red. It looks great, it has good detailing, it’s major affordable, and did I mention RED? Love love love.

Look Again Vintage open toe tan high heel  pumps
Open-toe, high heeled tan pumps from Look Again Vintage

And did I mention shoes? How important good shoes are? These Garolini open-toed pumps fit my favorite criteria. They’re high heels but not so extreme that they’re guaranteed to be painful – and I’ve worn Garolinis before; they’re well made and usually *more* comfortable than other brands. And, they’re “camel tan” color – which in my book translates as almost “nude” – which means (this is the important part) that unless you are very very pale or very very dark skinned, these are going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of flesh color – and wearing these, your legs just got looking longer.

Plus they look good all year round. Totally.

So right here I’ve highlighted two fabulous finds – and there many many more in this shop. If the shoes are gone, I’m sorry (if they were my size they’d be gone already!) Don’t worry though – she has a great eye for finding deals and quality and it is SO worth visiting.

Look Again Vintage – go visit. Asap.

You’ll thank me!

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